Skype and Verizon: iPhone 3G app could be delayed

By Alan Ng - Feb 22, 2010

Some interesting news to report to you now, as following on from Verizon and Skype’s deal to bring 3G Skype calls to Verizon’s customers, we are hearing that a similar move for the iPhone could have been delayed as a result of this.

As reported from BGR, Verizon are thought to have signed an exclusive deal with Skype, allowing for 3G calls to appear only on their handsets.

While Skype for the iPhone is available right now, an upgrade to 3G calling was already thought to be ready for release, up until the announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

What do iPhone owners think of this? How badly do you need a 3G-enabled Skype app?

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  • OMG… guys, our democracy don’t seem to seems to work so well at this time. Sometimes i wonder if european or other countries are laughing at our country. We start to turn into a third world nation lately !

  • Flavio

    I BAAAADLY NEED IT. Or I'll jailbreak it.

  • Glenn

    I bet Skype approached VZW before thinking about releasing an updated version for the iPhone. Skype kept blaming ATT and Apple–but this latest move tells another picture.

  • I need 3g Skype on my iPhone badly, fortunately there are ways to do this (jailbreak) but it is very sad to see Skype turning their backs on such a big user base like that.