New iPhone 4G: Will you use video calling?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 22, 2010

Earlier today we posted an article which pretty much confirmed that the Apple iPhone 4G will feature video calling, this discovery was made when iPhone 3.2 developer kit screenshots revealed information regarding accepting and declining video calls.

Video calling has been available on competitive devices for a long time now, I have owned multiple of handset’s which offer this functionality, however I have only used it once or twice.

In my opinion video calling has its advantages to certain users, however there are rarely occasions where ‘standard users’ need this functionality.

One problem with video calling is that it is very reliant on carrier coverage, with AT&T’s planned network improvements perhaps an AT&T iPhone 4G will offer a reliable video calling service, this could attract more business users.

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Source: ChannelNews

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  • lol

    Skype to skype will always be free you moron, lol thats like saying Facebook is going to start charging… everyone would just jump ship to the next free one… you're a business moron!

  • fredphoesh

    no offense mate, but the reason why front facing cameras never really took on was that video calls were EXTREMELY expensive.
    Now with skype, millions will LOVE to video chat to loved ones far away using cheap data instead of expensive video calls.
    A massive distinction that is missing from most conversations about this topic.

    • Matt

      Just for the record, Skype was just purchased and the new owner said, on CNN, that in the near future, it will no longer be free.

  • Wat iphone4g…

    oh what just got my iphone 3gs and now iphone 4g coming out thats just dog

  • jamari

    all you have to do is download knockit in the appstore and wa la da da no 4g