Final Fantasy VII: PS3 remake is ‘unrealistic’, 10-14 years to make – Kitase

By Alan Ng - Feb 22, 2010

The Final Fantasy VII PS3 Remake saga continues folks. Square’s Yoshinori Kitase has now stated in a recent interview that a remake is ‘unrealistic’, even though he only revealed last week that he was ‘very interested’ in making the game.

It doesnt get any better for fans hoping of a remake either, as according to this report from Eurogamer, Kitase believes that it could take 3 or 4 times the amount spent on Final Fantasy XIII (3.5 years) to make the remake.

The key portion of his interview reads: ”If we were to recreate Final Fantasy VII with the same level of graphical detail as you see in Final Fantasy XIII, we’d imagine that that would take as much as three or four times longer than the three-and-a-half-years it has taken to put this Final Fantasy together!”

That works out around 10-14 years! Quite a bombshell there from Kitase we reckon. What do you make of his ‘latest’ comments? Seems to us that he has something different to say every week.

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  • FF7needstohappen

    People are still commenting on this! You showed us the tech demo in 2005. 6 years later and me and other people still dream about a remake. Just make it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lukey

    Oh my god charge $200 for it and release it on a $1000 PS5 and i will STILL suck my dads dick to play this game

  • ffantasyfreak

    screw them all. remake it. end of story. and its not 5 dics its 3. but still there is so much stuff on there it isnt even funny

    • jeremy

      pc version was 4 discs ps1 version was 3 discs and now on ps3 you can download it with no discs for 10$

  • Shawn

    get on your facebook and join "OFFICIAL Petition to remake Final Fantasy VII" group….it just started but if we get enough people in one place maybe they will listen 🙂

    and yes….pretty well all valid points from most of you. It would be an epic game, and probably the best seller of all time if it were released. You do in fact, have the oldskool FF fanbase like myself (which is a good 9 million or so copies of the previous game) plus now you have an entire new generation of gamers who would definetaly check it out. In fact it would probably put Square back on the map….seems lately they have been falling short

    • joe

      i just joined it.where did u get that case with the cover?it looks awsome

  • shu

    FF under Hironobu Sakaguchi is freaking Awesome!!, but now we know he is gone and FF become sucks like shitt since 12 and now 13!!.

  • FlawleZ

    I think what they're getting at in terms of time and why it would take so long to do develop is the massive open world of FFVII. I can't think of another FF game that was as open and vast of a world as FFVII was. I mean think about the actual amount of data it required for the Playstation, it was 5 CD's back in the 90's. It would probably require 2 full Blu-Ray's or more for a modern release on PS3 and 6+ on the Xbox.

    I hope as much as anyone that they remake it someday, but we likely will never see it come to fruition. We probably would have more luck pursuing a remodel and remake on the PC at this point.

  • Cao

    Here's what I think they fail to understand here…

    Yes, FFVII was a huge-ass game, and there's a lot of stuff in it that would have to be redone and upgraded and whatnot for an HD remake.

    However, they don't get that the 10-14 years it TAKES to remake it…. would be entirely worth it. They'll get their money's worth, it'll be an instant blockbuster, and they'll probably get close to Bill Gates in terms of wealth if they did it. Not to mention you've pretty much got the entire Final Fantasy fanbase begging for the frickin' thing, especially after they made Crisis Core (which, by the way… awesome game… ♥). We have the technology now to half the development time, too.

    Plus, FFXIII (and maybe even FFXII as well) are both far more advanced. Like, seriously, seen the PS3 demo? Seen Midgar? Midgar's not that difficult to recreate if you can pull off the cities in XII and XIII.

  • johan

    RIIIIIIIIGHT (i don't believe you)

  • Dissapointed

    was totally psyched for the release of FFXII and FFXIII, Played both and was totally underwhelmed….the graphics were awsome like always buy storyline and gameplay was crap, and gameplay was absolutely horrible.. I am a HUGE fan of the FF series and even if it did take ten years to make I would preorder it today lol…with all the talent in the video game industry I can't see why they couldn't redo the game, and do it well, but seems like all of our words will fall on deaf ears. they would rather spew out the latest garbage hopeing enough loyal FF fans will buy to make a profit rather than listening to what the fans want and love……. Way to take pride in ur work …..I've wasted my money on the last two FF abonimations and unless something changes will not be buying another…..

  • Cloud Strife

    I have played every single FF and i think that 7 is the best one to fetch it out on PS3 or XBOX would be f****** awesome. I think its stupid that it m ight take that long we should start a protest and complain that they make. square enix would well make there money so why they arent doing it is stupid

  • Shay

    That is complete and utter bull. With the technology today I don't see why it would take that long. Get enough people to do it and not take your sweet time with it it would be out in maybe a year or 2. I also think with the rest of the people that they just don't want to make it so they are letting people down nicely when I say its full of crap.

  • dwdx6w9

    For Christ's sake just remake the freakin thing already… it's what the people want and its a guaranteed blockbuster…talk about stupid….

  • cyrano

    square is under staffed…. theyre a company dat needs to grow but just wont. if you hire more people faster your games come out more money for you. sick of waitin on a tittle from square for you to play and wonder why it took them this long. ff7 is your bread n butter, remake that along with kh3, and put ff14 on back burner… you were supposed to stop @ 13 anyways. am i the only one who has common sense about how to run their company?

  • FFnerd

    Jeez I don’t even care if it has graphics as good as ff13… they could make a remake with ff9 or 10 graphics and I would be very happy. Even if the remake did take a long time I would wait however long it took then buy ten copies and distribute them because it would be that awesome.

  • Stefano

    still, i'd damn pay all my way to a ps3 (or ps4?) just to play that. WAY more than a killer app…

  • CloudStrife

    i don't believe it would take them that long. They already have a character design from Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core so most of the major areas are already covered. The important factor in FFVII is the story line, they can be creative in terms of the side-quests but in my opinion, most of the major areas are already covered. So I guess the only logical explanation is that they want to give FFXIII series more exposure because if they release the news that they're making a remake of FFVII, then the media will focus more on that news rather than FFXIII

  • DoomsDayMachine

    i really cant see why it should take that long . they already have a storyline and characters. then agian i dont really know shit about designing a game. But a ps3 remake of this game will be EPIC to say the least

  • Dwarfsmuggler

    I think it's pretty 'unrealistic' that it would take 10 to 14 years to make. Or is this just a nice way of saying you'll never get a remake and you'll never get a FF title of that quality again, because it would take us too long

  • Square Enix Mama

    Lazy Ass Developers

    Give the Code to EA they'll Shit it out in under a year

    • Austin

      Square Enix Mama


      ea can ruin any game or game studio in under a year.

      they have a record for getting their job done quick.


      (im going to have to learn russian if u guys keep buying ea games at this pace cuz they will be the last games left on earth worth playing)