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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Reviews, Better on PS3 than Xbox 360?

Recently Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, a quick look at reviews seems to suggest that the PS3 version is perhaps better than the Xbox version.

At the moment metacritic have given Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce on the PS3 a metascore of 77 and it has a user score of 8.0, whereas Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce on the 360 has currently got a metascore of just 57.

GamingAge are the site which rates the game the most, they believe that established Dynasty Warriors fans will probably love Strikeforce, you can see their review here.

The Official Xbox Magazine UK were not at all happy with the game, they believe that Strikeforce is “The worst DW game of this generation”, their opinions were backed up by Xbox World 360 Magazine UK, they believe that Strikeforce is “As painfully endless and mind-numbing as ever, but it does at least try to add something new”

Have you played Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce on both consoles? If so, let us know which version you believe is better in the comments section below,



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