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Call of Duty 7: Casting Call Reveals Character and Location Details

Some details regarding Call of Duty 7 have recently emerged on ComputerandVideoGames, these materialized following a Hollywood casting call.

The details aren’t exactly ground-breaking however they do reveal names of characters, details regarding these characters and where the game will be set.

The game will be set in Vietnam and the lead character in the game will be Frank Barnes, he is part of an “elite Vietnam unit” and is said to be “a fiercely patriotic veteran of WW2”, he is also said to be a “solid leader” who can “respond to any situation quickly and decisively”.

Other details reveal that there will be other characters called Joseph Lewis, Jason Hudson and Kristina Ivanova, Kristina is apparently a “Russian-born martial arts expert and CIA operative”.

To find out more about the revealed characters check out this link.

Do you like the sound of the location and characters?



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