Verizon Fios: iPhone owners are you jealous?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 19, 2010

When it comes to intuitive applications and services iPhone owners have been pretty lucky so far, however an improvement to Verizon’s Fios service for Android smartphone owners may cause some jealousy.

Verizon Fios is a fiber-optic television service which has proven to be pretty popular, this upcoming improvement will allow Android smartphones to control Fios.

From what we can see the Fios application will only be available for the Motorola Droid and the HTC Imagio, exactly why it is restricted to these Android handsets is currently a mystery.

Apple iPhone owners could be frustrated with this application as at the moment they do not have an equivalent, however they can control Tivo or Slingbox when their handset is connected via WiFi.

The application should launch later this week, if you would like to find out more and see a video demo of the app check out’s article.

Are you an iPhone owner? If so, are you jealous of the upcoming Android Fios app?

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  • Richard D

    While I read all the glowing comments about FIOS (many probably writtten by Verizon staff) let it be known that I am a Cablevision customer who has tried Verizon twice and both times I cancelled my subscription because of very poor customer service as well as poor selection and pricing versus Cablevision.
    In one instance, I cancelled my account withing the fifteen day window and was still charged for earlt termination which I disputed and after finally agreeing to pay the cancellation fee, I have now found that Verizon placed a chargeoff on my account and ultimately almost ruined my credit standing. My advice to anyone contemplating Verizon FIOS is to investigate their promises and beware of them when it comes to satisfying customer concerns or complaints.

  • Ricky

    Jealous? iphone FIOS app is available.

    It remotely controls the DVR which is what's important when you are away from home and want to record programmings to watch later.

  • bob

    well, i plan to review my Fios features and limitations. Because we have iPhones it may be time to compare to Comcast. I think its time to dump Fios, which i love, because of their childish "verizon mobile customer only" policies for advanced features.

    Also, Comcast now has Fancast, which allows cable customers to watch all of their cable content via a browser on a computer. My friend loves it. Great for traveling, etc.

    Once again, Verizon tries to hurt its competitors by PUNISHING their very own CUSTOMERS. Total BS. Total loss of value.

    Comcast Cable, here i come.

  • OK lets think about this, I am in the “its going to happen” camp. Apple’s contract with AT

  • RyanD

    No, not in the least.

    I have FiOS internet, DirecTVHD, and an iPhone

    Best of all worlds, imo

  • scotty s.

    as a verizon subscriber the only thing i'm jealous of is not having an Iphone….There are hints out there that we may get it by this summer. who knows but if not I will take my chances and head to at&t….love the great reliability of verizon but as a apple guy I need it.