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MotoGP 09/10 (Xbox 360 / PS3): Trailer and UK and U.S. Release Date

If you have been looking forward to the upcoming release of MotoGP 09/10 you will be glad to hear that we finally have some release information for you.

According to a recent article posted on JoyStiq the game should launch in North America on March 16th, as for Europe the release date will be March 19th.

These release dates apply for both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Capcom have also announced that they will be releasing free DLC “shortly after the release”.

Online play will allow for up to 20 players per race, this is apparently a first for console racing games. We have embedded the official trailer below, this shows off some extremely impressive graphics.

Will you buy MotoGP 09/10? If so, what console will you buy it for?

Source: JoyStiq



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