Xbox 360: Colored Hard Drives with LEDs

By Jamie Pert - Feb 18, 2010

The world of console modding has proven to be pretty popular the last few years, however one mod I haven’t seen up until now is a Xbox 360 hard disk drive casing mod.

If you head over to DealExtreme you can now buy a range of different casings for your Xbox 360, all of which feature red LEDs and are priced at $18.91.

The colored casings are available in translucent blue, green, yellow, pink , clear and smoky black, personally I quite like the standard gray color of my Xbox 360 hard disk drive casing, however I quite like translucent blue color which can be seen here.

These casings are said to be compatible with 20GB, 60GB and 120GB hard drives, installation is currently a mystery, however I doubt it is that complicated.

Will you but one of these hared disk drive casings? If so, which color?

Source: SlipperyBrick

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