Windows Phone 7, Xbox Live and PSN Possibility

By Peter Chubb - Feb 18, 2010

We mentioned a few days back that the new Windows Phone 7 Series will offer support for Xbox Live, but what about the possibility of the handset offering support for Sony’s PSN. Could we ever have a phone with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 support?

PC World has been looking in to comments that Michael Chang, Microsoft senior product manager had said to He said that they never block anything on their mobiles, so we could be looking at Microsoft offering PS3 support, or can we?

This certainly sounds like an ideal phone, but with all the politics involved, PC World does not expect Sony to play ball. Sony have yet to kick of their app market, but we all know that these applications are seen as the future, so why is Sony a little late to the party?

If you are hoping for the Windows 7 Phone Series to offer both Xbox Live and PSN support, then you could have a long wait.

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