Sony PS3 Motion Controller: Should it be called Arc or Gem? (POLL)

It seems as if the PS3 Motion Controller name is still a mystery after recent reports suggest that the device will actually be called the ‘Gem’ and not the ‘Arc’ as previously thought.

The good news is though, it looks as if it is a two horse race between the two names, as we have not heard any other possible names surface, yet.

We have created a poll for you to take part in, asking which name you would prefer for the motion controller. Arc or Gem, the decision is yours.

Personally, i’d go for the Arc – It has a better ring to it in my opinion and I’m gonna put it out there in thinking that Sony will go for the Arc, rather than the Gem. One thing we do know, is that all will be revealed, when Sony present the device at the upcoming GDC event.

Do you agree? State your ideas below.

[poll id=”82″]



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