Next Nintendo DS (DS2): May Feature Motion / Tilt Controls

By Jamie Pert - Feb 18, 2010

The Nintendo DS2 development kit suggests that when the next Nintendo DS (possibly the Nintendo DS2) may feature ’tilt’ controls.

The ’tilt’ controls are said to be pretty similar to the title controls which feature on Apple’s popular iPhone, tilt controls have proven to be extremely popular with iPhone games.

Many consumers now see Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch’s as an alternative to the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, therefore it is no surprise that Nintendo may adopt some of the ideas which recent Apple products have featured.

There is a chance that the developer who is reporting the tilt controls is unreliable, however I feel that it is a pretty likely. Would you like to see tilt controls on future Nintendo handhelds?

Source: SlipperyBrick

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