Modern Warfare 2: God Mode appears on Xbox 360, endless problems for IW

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2010

We have only just heard about recent care package fixes for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Modern Warfare 2, but it looks like it has got A LOT more worse, as far as the Xbox 360 version is concerned.

We have a video to show you now, which clearly shows all kinds of mods enabled – which we’re guessing has found its way onto the 360 from the PC.

Of all the problems, God Mode seems to be the worst, while other mods include the ability to jump into the air, infinite ammo, wall hacks, gold desert eagle mode, INFINITE access to the AC130 and much more.

This video isnt fake either – just watch the action for yourself. It is clearly ruining the game for everyone on the Xbox 360.

At the moment, no word on whether these new mods have found their way onto the PS3, so it would be helpful for your feedback on this one.

Have any of you seen these mods online? This is getting out of control for Infinity Ward we feel.


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  • fliperachi81

    its getting to be a big prob on ps3 now i dont know how but my teammate gave me god mode it was nuts and its getting worse i am seeing it every day now!!!!!! WTF

  • Dr Potimus

    lol you do get banned you just unban yourself its not that hard and it makes the game more fun its better than just walking around corners and getting killed by someone sitting in the corner with a shotgun if you die this way at least it looks cool stop bitching

  • Squirrel

    fuck god mode it makes you look like a pussy to scared to die but it gives you an advantege

  • chris

    this shit was on ps3 the utha team kept gettin ac130s and a shitload of packages during domination mad gay bs


    Activision deserve it. They screwed up the PC version. Now the PC version is modded and cheated by the PC community. The xbox is just a crap PC anyway. Im not suprised this happened

  • Jammin

    Whats the point.. wow you can jump and fire rockets for ever that gets boring in about 10 seconds.. i find the best thing about playing the game for real is the fact that its a challenge.. whats the point other wise.. dont you people ever like things as they are? why do you need to hack and mod and bug.. it just ruins an other wise gr8 game.. why do you need to mod up so quick? its not like it really impresses any one.. Did it help you get laid?? maybe it did? But i wish IW would ban any machine it finds cheating with a glitch.. i think alot of studios need to get heavy on glitchers and start banning there consoles from the networks..

    • Squirrel

      You have a good point I agree with you no point in it

  • teddy

    lmfao wft are you talking about theres shit on the ps3 as well dont be so naive
    each and every game is first developed on a computer just like the software on the consoles

    all 3 …. 4 if you count the wii are hackable and its a sad thing to see because *@#% bags like that are to stupid to play the game the way its supposed to … the fact that this video is late means nothing it just shows how stupid people are and btw that it the sole reason these companies try to put so many anti pirate and cheat programs on these games .. its a business plain and simple if you people cant realize that then dont play it.. it ruins it for everybody else … aka the millions of normal people ….. so basically to all those fat ass nobodys who think they are better because they cheat take your noob !@# and shove the rpg up there and pull the trigger and see how you like it you stupid cunt fuckers !!!!!! (to mods if i cant put cunt fucker please just put !@#$%^&*()!!!! )

  • Evilroyd

    There's always just a few who like to cheat because of their lack of ability and talent that ruin it for others…

  • mackintosh

    this is what you all get for a computer BASED company making consoles, people find ways of using them together to hack all games, you don't see this on a ps3. i certainly haven't seen it yet anyway lol. these people are very sad for doing this anyway, what the point, it ruins the game.

  • It's a JTAG modded Xbox 360, not a game exploit. It's not a viral exploit. Still a problem, but not anywhere nearly on the scale of the recently patched care package glitch.


    lmao at the fail up top! how can you not distinguish this between 360 and pc? or even ps3 if it could be jtagged. the buttons are clearly noticable at the beggining of the clip and near the end..

    and fail again if you paid 60 bucks for a game that most ppl on 360 and pc get for free. unless your unfortunate to own a ps3, then you did have to pay money for the disc.

    but notice how everyones a tenth prestige on the modding team? its because jtagged consoles can mod xp in the game to make you rank up one prestige in one kill.

    and fail at this site for reporting EXTREMELY LATE NEWS! LMAO!

  • zI keitchy Iz

    Lol this was out 2 months ago this website is well late lol.
    Its a JTAG btw so only a couple of thousand will be doing it.

  • Shaun

    This RUINS any honest attempt at multiplayer by non-cheaters/modders like myself. Can we just whip out the freakin' banhammer already? I play the 360 version and am constantly frustrated by ridiculous scenarios, like those seen in the vid. IF you have the 360 version, go to the top scores on the leaderboards, and look at the top 20 scores. They have 3 years of play time some of them! A million kills with 10 seconds of play time! Its a joke. A bad, bad, joke I paid $60 for. This game was absolutely and completely ruined by modders.

  • This is running on the Xbox 360 version…see the video @ 2:23.

  • Undey

    I'm not sure how you determined that this is related to the 360. There is no reference that I can see that says this was done on anything other than a PC.

    • paul

      He states during the video that it is an xbox 360

  • NIce modz wish i knew how to do that