Lost Planet 2 (DLC): Content has been cut from Xbox 360 – Capcom

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2010

Some ‘interesting’ news to report now, as it has been confirmed today by Capcom that content was cut from the Xbox 360 version of upcoming title Lost Planet 2.

As reported from VG247, Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi revealed that the team ran into problems relating to editing and similar issues.

In a recent interview he states: “There wasn’t especially any big trouble. More than those kind of difficulties, the edited content was way too much and dealing with that was more difficult than anything,”

However, the main talking point for us, is the revelation that this cut content could feature as DLC sometime in the future.

Its probably safe to say that the content has been cut from ALL platforms of the game, not just 360. Let us know your reaction to this.

Resident Evil 5 all over again.

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  • Goukensama

    The story didn't feel condensed and it certainly isn't short. I would personally buy any DLC they released for this game with indifference to the fact it was cut content but then again I am impressed with the game as it stands.