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iPhone 4G and what Apple can learn from MWC 2010

We all knew that Apple were never going to show up at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2010, but we would assume that they would have learned a lot from the event and will hopefully see some influences on the new iPhone 4G. Well that does depend if the smartphone actually exists.

When it comes to touchscreen smartphones, the iPhone is still one of the best on the market and according to Electricpig its influence could be seen at MWC. The overall design of the iPhone, even the new 3GS version is three years old now and as you would expect, the competition such as Google’s Android are catching up fast.

Android phones are getting faster and the software much better, this is thanks to super fast 1GHz processors. So will Apple take this opportunity to use the powerful power saving processor used in its upcoming iPad device and incorporate it in its next handset?

The new Apple iPhone 4G will not need a redesign to its exterior; it is its hardware and software that needs an overhaul. Apple have been a little conservative when it comes to advancements in hardware, so the 2010 iPhone needs to be something special if it has any hope of fighting off Android handsets and the upcoming Windows 7 Phone Series. Learn more about that here.

For more details about what Apple can learn from MWC, visit Electricpig.



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