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Apple, RIM and Kodak Patent Row: ITC Announces Investigation

The ITC (International Trade Commission) has announced that they are to start its investigation into Kodak’s patent row with Apple and RIM. The row is to do with their handsets and their built-in digital cameras and how they preview images.

The ITC announced the investigation today, but this is not an indication that they will take things further. According to Reuters, neither Research In Motion who make BlackBerry handsets nor Apple who makes the iPhone was available for comment.

We do know that Kodak is looking for compensation from RIM and Apple for using what they say is their technology. Kodak has been hit hard by the recession, so trying to get payouts for patent infringements is seen as an important source of revenue for them. Kodak themselves were at the center of an infringement back in March 2009 with LG, which we discussed here.

Head over to Reuters for more details on this story.



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