Apple iPad Multitasking: Addressing the issue

By Jamie Pert - Feb 18, 2010

Earlier today we spoke about Apple’s reasoning not to offer Flash support with their iPhones and iPad, a recent article posted on AppleInsider looks into another of the iPad’s downfalls, the lack of multitasking.

The iPad’s OS “limits third party apps from running in the background after the user closes the app”, however from is being said in AppleInsider’s article the OS should be able to multitask (possibly in the future) as it “uses the same preemptively multitasking Mach/BSD kernel as Apple’s desktop Mac OS X”.

The iPhone OS does infact run some background processes as standard, these processes listen to the mobile network for incoming calls and texts along with an iPod process which allows music playback all of the time.

For full details regarding mobile devices and mutlitasking check out AppleInsider.

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