Alternatives To Verizon iPhone: Motorola Droid vs. Palm Pre Plus

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2010

Still clinging on to hope of a Verizon iPhone release? This article we have for you now, gives you other alternatives to look at on Verizon – namely the Motorola Droid and new Palm Pre Plus.

As reported from MLive, the Palm Pre Plus is now available on Verizon and brings quite a few major changes from its Sprint counterpart. Firstly, the Verizon Pre plus has double the memory (16GB) and RAM, while a scheduled update this month will add video recording and flash.

But is the Motorola DROID on Verizon still the phone to beat at the moment? If their analysis is to be believed, then ‘yes’.

If you are looking to pick up the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon, it would be a good idea to see how the handset fairs against the mighty DROID.

Let us know if you’ll be picking either phone up soon.

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  • wjw69

    I have test driven both the Pre and Droid. I find both to be very easy to use and fun. However, when it came to decision time, the Pre won out based on a few key elements. Ease of dialing and phone use(smooth), Mobile Hot Spot, and availability of an aftermarket extended battery. Although the keyboard is small it is an easy transition if you have previously used a Blackberry.

  • Victoria

    From someone who's tried all 3:
    I also switched from IPhone because of way too many dropped/lost/failed calls with AT&T in my area. I originally went to Best Buy and picked up the Palm Pre Plus. Although I really liked the webOS and the "cards" system, I could not deal with the tiny little keyboard, I was having a lot of difficulty typing on it. Also coming from the iPhone I was really missing a bigger screen. Perhaps if I would have started off with a Pre before the iPhone I wouldn't have noticed, but I did and it bugged me. I gave the Pre Plus a good run for about 10 days and researched the Motorola Droid. After seeing some good reviews I decided to try it since I was still within the 30days of return, and thinking if I didn't like it I would just stay with the Pre Plus. I can tell you I am really enjoying the Droid. It is a lot more like the iPhone but I use to jailbreak the iPhone to get certain apps, customize, etc. I don't have to do that with the Droid. Out of the box I customized it to my liking and even though it doesn't have the millions of apps the iPhone does( a lot of them useless), the Android market had anything I wanted or needed that was also on my iPhone. In conclusion, the Pre Plus is a nice phone for a starter smartphone, but once you've had an iPhone, Blackberry, etc. the Droid is more to speed with the new smartphones. I sold my iPhone today and I am definitely keeping the Droid.

  • Grammarcy

    Um, you mean see how it "fares", not "fairs"… Spelling is still important, even in the cellphone age!

  • Raj

    I got the Palm Pre Plus and I am loving it! I switched from the iphone (old 4gb)…

    + ‘up’ gesture to close apps is cool
    + run multiple-apps
    + Verizon Network
    + nice browser
    + nice screen
    + nice camera
    + nice speaker
    + better (tad bit smaller) size than other phones (i have smaller hands 🙂 )

    – uploading contacts is a pain. It can be a breeze IF you have your contacts synced through gmail or yahoomail…
    – battery life sucks if you have email set to check every minute…