Adobe Talks Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and Flash

By Jamie Pert - Feb 18, 2010

One very unpopular decision which Apple have stood by, is their choice to not offer Flash support on their iPhones and their new iPad, a recent article posted on MacRumors shows Kevin Lynch’s (Adobe Chief Technical Officer) opinion on the matter.

It appears as if Apple’s decision may be due to the CPU usage during video rendering, apparently on a Mac it utilizes more CPU cycles then it does on Windows.

Lynch states that 85% of the top websites utilize flash, he hopes that as more smartphones adopt Flash technologies Apple will in the end follow suit.

It is thought that Adobe’s AIR platform may begin to allow developers to port applications to the iPhone platform, this is because it bundles the Flash runtime into applications.

Do you think decreased performance is a worthy compromise for Flash support?

Source: MacRumors

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  • Slippy Sloppy

    I don't believe a word of it. Flash support isn't included because its inclusion could effect app stores sales and lose Apple the control it currently holds over the content downloaded to their products. The iPad is a major disappointment, the public expected a downside Mac and what we got was an up sized iPod Touch.