Windows Phone 7: First Look at Marketplace

By Jamie Pert - Feb 17, 2010

When Windows Phone 7 starts to feature on handsets one thing which will prove to be an important part of the operating system’s success is its marketplace, we have just come across some images which show of the marketplace’s design.

Two images can be seen at the end of this post, both of which were sourced from this SlashGear article, they show a marketplace which looks extremely simple to use with large text and big buttons (this ‘look’ is present throughout all of the Windows Phone 7 UI).

As you would expect the Marketplace is split into sub-categories, from what we can see these will include apps, games, music and podcasts.

Both of the screenshots (below) show landscape views, this makes me wonder whether Microsoft will prefer users to browse their Marketplace with their handsets in landscape mode.

Do you like the look of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace?

Source: SlashGear

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