Samsung i7500 Galaxy: No Android 2.x Update Coming

By Jamie Pert - Feb 17, 2010

With so many handsets receiving Android 2.1 updates lately I’m sure you Samsung i7500 Galaxy owners out there have been awaiting the news of an Android update, however from what we can see the handset will never be receiving an Android 2.x update.

There is however unconfirmed talk of an Android 1.6 (Donut) update, this will bring updated voice search, an improved Android Market and improved overall search functionality. Whilst this is at least an improvement I’m sure i7500 owners wont be too excited about this.

The handset was only launched in June 2009 therefore I feel it is quite disappointing that Android 2 will seemingly never arrive for this handset.

Do you own the Samsung i75000 Galaxy? If so, are you frustrated with this news?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Joost

    Just a couple of more weeks, and then I can pick a new phone from my provider! Then it's finally: Bye bye Samsung! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Santara

    I agree with all of you guys, this is will be my last samsung product, Look like i've been cheated. Worthless phone. even android phones priced at one third the cost of this one are better. the only thing good about this phone is its superb display, nothing else.

    • Florin

      I say more than that, I'll never buy a Samsung product ever. I own three and all of them made me mad

  • Rajiv

    Worst phone, will never buy a disgusting Samsung product again, its as if a untested product was thrown int he market.

  • waylon

    perchased a i7500 from bell, had it 2 months is said no service, got a new sim card , still no service , threw the phone on my desk broke the screen, payed the 7 dollar a month warranty bell says no warranty even after when i bought the phone they said does'nt matter how the phone gets broke they will replace for 150.00 bucks all bulshit, phone is a piece of shit fuck bell and fuck samsung and there piece on shit phone back to telus

  • Adam

    This is my first android phone and I must say it is a billion times better then other no-name OSs that run on some other phones. I LOVE my Galaxy I7500 except maybe the pricetag. Ontop of that, now I'm finding out Samsung refuses to support it after making a sale? wtf I agree with the rest of you. No upgrade = no more purchases from Samsung for me. Just shows they only look at profits. I still like my phone even if i'll always be behind on the times… gerr

  • samsucks

    it totally sucks that samsung won't release android 2 for the galaxy i7500. If they really cared for their customers they should get this done. I owned samsung phones before and I must say I always had problems with my phones in one way or another. My next phone will for sure not be a samsung one. BAD samsung!! *pointing finger*

  • mulu

    a friend of mine asked me to help him to buy good mobile in stockholm and I said to him dont buy samsung they dont keep their word and he bought HTC . this is because I dont my friend to have problem like I do when I bought galaxy i7500

  • Alex Mendes

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you guys. I am in Brazil and I took this bad choice. If I start a call, I have to turn this f* s* off in order to block my screen again. It seems like these problems are related to 1.5 androide. So … why we don't have a f* upgrade ? I am very very very upset. Almost crashing this shit just to put it in a youtube video.

    • Joost Bloemsma

      "Almost crashing this **** just to put it in a youtube video"
      If only I could watch that on my i7500! The f***ng phone won't play them anymore!
      Believe me, it's bye bye Samsung for me!

  • WouterH

    What?! This must be a joke.. Why would I ever buy another Samsung then? I just got screwed by them.

    Got to say, I dislike the Galaxy in general. It's way too slow, crashes a lot, hardly any after sales en my touchscreen is very buggy. It sometimes just refuses to work for a few minutes. I then literally have to press the unlock button about ten times before it will come back to life.

    Samsung: -20

  • mulu

    What is wrong with samsung ,when I buy my galaxy i7500 they prmisid that uodate is coming soon now the rumer is frighting . it there any other way to behind the system.

  • Ben

    Grr, this is really irritating!
    We shelled out lots of money and effort to get Samsung Android phones instead of i phones (although, of course, i phones are more expensive) and then Samsung just go and ditch us as soon as they possibly have.
    I have always been a loyal Samsung customer; I've only ever had like 2 phones that weren't samsung, and I didn't buy them myself. Now though… I'm saving up for an i phone.

  • Guest

    Same here – worthless NEW I7500

  • Joost Bloemsma

    I’m writing this reply on my €500,- i7500 which I bought about 6 months ago, only to find out I got outdated software that will not be supported!
    If this rumour turns out to be true this not only is my first Samsung phone, it surely will be my last!!!

    • guest

      This is also my last samsung product. I have a worthless NEW I7500.

  • Samsung's after sales is nothing but a Joke! If they do not wish to fund an update for Galaxy I7500, they why don't they just make the firmware open source?! What are they afraid off? That the open source community will work miracles with it?! Ha!!! Nokia did release their platform to the open source community! Perhaps we should never buy Samsung again. I for example, as a senior application developer will make sure non of my friends and of their friends will ever buy a Samsung cell phone. Let them know that WE have the power, simply because WE have their money in our pockets.

  • Mike

    There is a 2.0 update, but it is unofficial and is currently missing a load of features. The only reason that I want to see a new Android update from Samsung is so that Mustymod can use it to power future updates to 2.1.

    Also, if you're on o2 in the UK a lot of people have been able to renegotiate or cancel their contracts because of the numerous faults with the phone. If you want to rid yourself of this horrible phone then go to an Android forum, get a list of the Galaxy's faults and take them up with o2.

  • Peter

    I just got this phone from Bell (Canada) since it the ONLY Android phone available with this carrier. I am very disappointed to hear this speculation about no upgrade for such a recently released device – come on Samsung, step up.