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PS3 Vs Xbox 360: Final Fantasy XIII is ‘significantly poorer’ on 360

Consider this the first of many similar articles to come out, as the gaming world prepares for the release of Final Fantasy XIII. One website has spent time with both versions of the game and has concluded that the Xbox 360 version is ‘significantly poorer’ than its PS3 counterpart.

That is the views of Nowgamer, who have wasted no time in giving their thoughts on what they could clearly see between the two versions of the game.

In terms of visual quality, they state that character’s clothes on the Xbox 360 appear to be lacking finer detail, while you can also make out the ‘notably lower resolution textures’.

Other differences between the two include less details for environmental objects and textures, while the CG on the Xbox 360 is extremely compressed, compared with the smoother visuals seen on the PS3.

Remember that this is their views, not ours. They have clearly spent a lot of time studying the two versions, so keep your opinions clean.

Did you expect such a bold comparison, considering Square’s promises that both versions would be ‘equal’?



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