HTC HD2: Possibly Receiving Windows Phone 7 Upgrade

By Jamie Pert - Feb 17, 2010

A photo recently emerged on Techtree which seems to show the HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7, this has started lots of questions as to whether the HD2 will be receiving an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.

Apparently the HTC HD2’s specifications meet Microsoft’s requirements to be a Windows Phone 7 handset, therefore I would like to think that HTC will release this update, however HTC may decide to concentrate on future handsets instead.

A recent tweet from the official Windows Phone 7 Twitter account stated “to everyone asking about HD2 & Windows Phone 7 Series; nothing announced yet but there may be info coming next month”, this in my opinion suggests that the update will indeed be released.

As we hear information which confirms/refutes the claims on a Windows Phone 7 update for the HTC HD2 we will keep you posted.

Source: Techtree

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