Aliens Vs Predator (PS3): PDLC release date delayed

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2010

Some disappointing news for Playstation 3 owners looking to pick up Aliens Vs Predator this week, as Sega has just confirmed that the planned release date for the PDLC content has been delayed.

Sega just told us over at their blog that they have been encountering ‘problems’ with the PDLC content for the PS3 version specifically.

They have now said that the revised release date should be February 25th, but no doubt that this will be a blow to PS3 owners who expected it much sooner.

Users with DLC codes are advised to hold onto them until this date, as the problem is not related to retailers – according to Sega.

What are your thoughts on this?

UPDATE: Sega has now stated that the delay applies to North America only, so Europeans will still get DLC content from day one.

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