Xbox Live Down / Not Working: Are you affected?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 16, 2010

We are hearing reports that users are experiencing problems trying to connect to Xbox Live on their Xbox 360’s.

The problem isn’t currently affecting me in the UK, however we are hearing that some users currently see a message which reads “communication with the xbox live servers has been interrupted”.

The official Xbox support twitter has acknowledged this problem and have tweeted “Just a reminder: We are working on bringing Live back up as soon as possible. We are aware of this problem” also MajorNelson tweeted “The issues affecting #XboxLIVE may not impact all LIVE Members.”

It seems that thousands of people must be affected as terms such as “xbox live down” and “xbox live not working” are trending in Google search.

To get an idea of exactly how many people are affected please fill out the poll below, please elaborate in the comments section below saying where and when you were affected.

[poll id=”80″]

Source: HuffingtonPost

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