Steve Jobs Authorized Biography: Finally

There are so many so-called celebrities releasing biographies, but when it comes to us tech fans, there is only one book that we would like to read, and that is the Steve Jobs Authorized Biography. Apple has yet to officially announce the book, but according to an article in the New York Times, it is coming. Well he does have time now, as he has just announced the release of the iPad and will be a few months before we hopefully see the new iPhone 4G.

There have been a number of unauthorized biographies, these were done without the consent of Apple’s CEO. As you would imagine, these would often be inaccurate, some of these were removed from store shelves. According to the NY Times, Steve Jobs will work with Walter Isaacson to produce the authorized biography.

For those who do not know Isaacson, he was the former Time magazine managing editor and has already had two best selling biographies, one on Albert Einstein and the other on Benjamin Franklin. Will you be one of those who will want to read the life of Steve Jobs?



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