Modern Warfare 2: PS3 v1.09 patch, download now

By Alan Ng - Feb 16, 2010

Yet more patches are being released for Modern Warfare 2, as I can confirm that patch update v1.09 for the PS3 is now available to download. I checked for myself and yep, its there.

As reported from PS3-Sense, update 1.09 is live now and weighs in at 15MB, the same size that the last 1.08 update came in at actually.

At the moment, no word on what has been fixed specifically, but you can bet it has something to do with the infamous care package glitches that has been affecting the game recently.

We have contacted Rob Bowling for info on the update, we’ll let you know once we find out more. If you notice anything in the game following the update, do let us know.

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  • ofer shaviro

    i have to same problem…
    when the download getting to 99% i get an error (80710723). and my internet is working well… i can enter to psn .
    someone knows what is the problem? and how to solve it?

  • Joe

    WOW, nobody ever answered the question, Can we download it to our computer and transfer it via thumb drive? Its been 7 weeks and I keep getting an error (80710723).

  • Tom

    I downloaded the new update and now the game keeps freezing on the title and menu screens!!!! Can i somehow undownload the last update and try it again?

  • tamie

    i got an error at the end of the download and now the game will not even turn on.

  • pimpin

    tried to download a couple hours later and it took about 20 seconds, i guess thousands of people were causing the download servers to timeout

  • pimpin

    i agree, it keeps freezing on the download for me, tried downloading the ps picture viewer and almost 300 mb went smooth, anywhere to get it online or did they create a glitch in their own update…………………..

  • HenryLam

    so is there a way to download the 1.09 ps3 modern warfare 2 patch onto my computer, then put it on a usb and unstall it on the ps3?

  • Jay W

    I got it at about 6pm central time and installed it fine. It didn’t patch the carepackage glitch (just checked). However, when i did the glitch, the game stopped and was “finding a new host.” After it was done, the game resumed. But, my score was reset to 0-0. Everyone else’s was fine. A warning from IW perhaps? The game was the first game I used the AK-47 in this prestige, I unlocked grenade launcher before I did the glitch. After I got 0-0, I only got 4 kills. After the game, I still unlocked the launcher, even though when I viewed the post-game stats it said 4-0.

  • iiReMix4

    I didn't get the update yet.

  • iHAVEaBIGdick

    you do realise that if you dont have online on your ps3 then you wont be able to play online multiplayer, therefore will not require a update as they are usually for the multiplayer.

    Also if your planning on getting net for your ps3 soon, and was inquiring as to wether you can download it onto flash so that it saves you time in downloading it later on, then theres no point. Simply because if your net is fast enough to be able to cope with modern warfare 2 then the download wont take you any longer then 10mins uncluding installing time. By the way i say 10 minutes because if you havent ever done a update on the ps3 for modern warfare 2, then you'l end up downloading all the previouse updates together which will add up to a rough estimate of 100mb. If however you do not wish to wait and still seek info on how to insert the update onto flash then i would recomend you get a life.
    If not then call up unfinity ward and i assure you that they will give recomend you the same.

  • pat

    Can i download this patch from the internet and tranfer it to my ps3 or do i have to do it via the playstation? Im not currently set up on playstation network or online with it so it would be easier for me to do it with a flash drive if possible.

    • Brandon

      I need to know that too, my update keeps freezing on the ps3, it would be easier to transfer via USB Stick. Thanks in advance!