Facebook, Twitter, Then Google Buzz In Social Faceoff

With so much choice when it comes to social media, we have to wonder which of the big three is the most popular. We have Facebook, Twitter and now the new kid on the block, Google Buzz. The results are very interesting, which surprised me.

Looking at the results from the poll on Mashable, it shows that Facebook is in the lead with 43% of the votes and Twitter with 31%. Surprisingly, Buzz has 18% of the votes, not bad considering the service is the newest of the three.

As time goes on we would expect Buzz to get even popular with the might of the search engine giant behind them. I have not had time to try out Google Buzz just yet, but from what we have learned from recent posts the new social media service could offer good competition for Twitter and Facebook.

Visit Mashable and vote now, let us know whom you would vote for though.



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