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Apple iMac Survives Fire: Burned, Melted and Working

Before I was converted to Apple by my cousin I did not believe him when he said how much better Mac was than Windows. Now I would never go back and now I have found that one persons iMac managed to survive a fire. Even though the computer is burned and partially melted, the thing is still working.

Please do not try and set yours on fire, but is does prove just how solid Apple build their devices. Just imagine how upset the guy was when his house burned down, but at least his much-loved iMac could still work. We have to wonder if his insurance will pay out for the damage?

TUAW translated the story from Swedish website Feber, and explains just what the guy did after the fire. He said that he was so surprised when the Apple iMac powered up, the computer even connected to the wireless network. See how bad the damage was by visiting Feber. We all know that a MacBook is not able to survive a bullet, read our post on it here.



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