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PS3’s Gran Turismo 5 Vs Prologue: Comparisons show texture improvements

Something for Gran Turismo fans now, as a new set of comparison photos between Gran Turismo 5 and GT5: Prologue has concluded in some pretty nice texture upgrades – all of which are obvious to spot.

If you head over to GTPlanet, you will be able to view the comparison shots for yourself. They were compiled using the GT5 Academy Build from this year, alongside Prologue using the identical Fuji Speedway track.

The first thing that you will probably notice, is the level of detail seen in the texture of grass in GT5, compared to the same thing on Prologue. We are also hearing that you’ll be able to see flying debris from cars, whenever you do damage, or lose a wheel.

Check out the shots over at GTPlanet for yourself, then let us know what you think of them.



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