Final Fantasy XIII: Its official – no DLC release for PS3, Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2010

Well this isn’t the sort of news you’d like to wake up to on a Monday morning. Square-Enix has given the strongest hint yet, that DLC content will ‘not’ be coming to either the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of Final Fantasy XIII.

As reported from VG247, both Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama revealed that the team are happy with the final product, even labelling it as ‘100% enjoyable’, then stating that no DLC is planned for the future.

In a further blow, they also said that the much-talked about, cut content from the game, will not be seeing a separate release as DLC content.

Wow. That about wraps it up folks. Let us know your reaction to the news. Did you expect such a bold statement or not?

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  • pkjibby

    I read somewhere that the cut-off content included Lightning's past, so i hope FFXV will once again be around Lightning and have that content in it because i love Lightning, SE made her perfectly.

  • MartinH

    i think they really should release DLC… i think they should add more sidequests… and maybe a real fucking SHOP! x(!!!!

  • Martin

    Well… seriously, why should they include DLC?
    It's like a movie. They shoot like 100h of film and then cut it to like 2h. About 95% of the people won't complain if the extra material will be on DVD or not. And I think it's just fair. I don't wanna buy a game which is only half complete. It would be just a way for SE to make money if they had decided to have downloaded content and extra features. I remember a book I saw in some country which was split into 3 books whereas the US version only had one book with the same content as the 3 books. Well the poor guys who had to buy the 3 books paid at least triple the price