Final Fantasy XIII: Identical shots on Xbox 360, PS3 were fake – Square

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2010

Fairplay for their honesty here. Square-Enix has admitted that recent screenshots showing identical builds of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, were actually ‘fake’ and altered. Blimey.

As reported from Eurogamer, Square has come out and stated that the screenshots were intended for ‘pre-production’ and non-commercial use, and that they were never intended for release.

The identical screenshots showed the two builds, with the Xbox 360 images being slightly different in order to display the controller layout. This obviously sparked doubt in the mind of critics, who assumed that the PS3 images would show ‘noticable’ changes from a graphics point of view.

Naughty naughty Square. Let us know what you think of this guys. Full article over at Eurogamer.

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  • youranerd1080p

    Your momma ran at 1080p when I bent her over the kitchen sink, and that is common knowledge for your common ass.

  • dee

    Stop playing the fanboy when did squrare enix ever say Sony version runs at 1080p and the 360 at 720 p. until i see the two box shots both versions should look pretty close. not a vvery noticeable difference aside from one being darker then the other from the actual gameplay videos i have seen

  • anatanooreo

    Who cares if the screens were fake. I don’t? Well SONY sure doesn’t. Their new slogan – Apathetic to the end!

    Sorry Mark. Games most likely all 720p. Both versions. Another example of SONY not caring…..

  • Mark

    Who wants to bet that Microsoft or their Viral Marketing companies were behind this somewhere, greasing the wheels.

    It’s common knowledge that the PS3 version runs at 1080p, comes on 1 Blu-Ray, with uncompressed textures and uncompressed 7.1 audio.

    The 360 version comes on 3x DVD, runs at 720p, has massive texture compression, and texture duplication across each DVD, and has 5.1 compressed audio.

    It’s not rocket science which version will be better…

    • Robin

      The day that a game with hardware-intensive graphics like FFXII is released with NATIVE 1080p support I will eat my f***ing hat. People should really stop spouting these kind of things about resolutions, truth is that the PS3 is not powerful enough to run games with decent eye-candy past 720p. A lot of times it even drops below that, as in the cut-scenes of Street Fighter IV.

      • Tom D.

        The game has come out……and guess what ! The PS3 version supports full 1080p on my Acer H233H Display.

        Though the game does seem "down-graded" compared to the japanese demo….