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Crysis 2: Final release will NOT be a port to consoles

Well heres an interesting counter-article to the one we posted a few days ago. Remember how we was saying that an early build of Crysis 2 was generated using the PS3 and not PC? This new article we’ve found talks about how the final release of the game will ‘not’ be labelled as a port for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

As reported from TheSixthAxis, an article in the latest addition of Edge magazine has been talking about how good the CryEngine 3 is coming along, and that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, have been running side-by-side with the PC version with no downtime between the versions.

We could get to the point where Crysis 2 sets the standard as a ‘true’ multiformat game when it is released on all three platforms, although until we see some solid technical comparisons and screenshots, maybe we shouldnt get our hopes up too soon yet.

Whatever happens though, Crysis 2 is looking like a spectacular game from a graphics point of view, so we’re especially looking forward to further news on this.

What are your thoughts on Crysis 2 in its current stage?



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