Before iPhone 4G releases, insurance claims could increase

By Peter Chubb - Feb 15, 2010

Many of us assume that we will see the release of the Apple iPhone 4G in June or July, and according to an article on Macworld that is when insurance claims could increase. Supercover Insurance said that the same thing happened when the iPhone 3GS was launched last summer.

According to the insurance company, the amount of iPhone claims increased by 50% when apple introduced a new handset in 2009. We are not sure how much truth there is in this story, but it would make sense. For those wanting the new iPhone 4G when it is released, please do not try to do something illegal to get it, you could end up getting yourself in trouble.

In the article it suggests that iPhone owners would often inflict abuse on their handsets, these include blows with a hammer to being driven over by a car. These are extreme ways to try and get a new iPhone. It is individuals like this who cause our own insurance plans to increase.

iPhone owners are 60% more likely to take out insurance than any other handset, do you insure yours?

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  • It's not nesessary to insure iPhone. Of, course it's a pity when you lose it. But Should be careful and use it for a long time.

  • Brad

    if your going to change to a iphone 3gs now and you can wait for the 4g, if your a current tmobile user, they have some pretty good deals, I got 1000mins, unlimited texts, unlimited downloads, all for a bargain £28 a month on t-mobile! Brilliant ! I am however slightly jealous the new 4g will be fab, but by the time my 3gs contract ends, there will be a 5g.. and plus I really love the 3gs !! Who needs titanium anyway??

  • Chris Boyer

    iPhones are sold worldwide. Other carriers no doubt DO offer insurance.

  • Thom

    AT&T does not offer or Provide any type of insurance for the iPhone, so I don't see how Filing claim can become excessive or an issue when one cant' be filed in the first place

  • I'm on Verizon but am thinking about switching to leaving big red now and terminating my contract early whenever the iPhone 4G comes out. I'm just tired of my BlackBerry. I've been waiting for an iPhone for a long time.

  • I bought first iphone, then 3g and then i was due for an upgrade for 3gs in Nov 09 but i downgraded my package to simplicity lowest tariff and using the iphone 3g until 3gs comes out, this way i am saving at least 15 quid every month for 8 months which will help me paying for 4g.

  • Great post, I’m hoping to see a 4g in June or July… I have not yet got a Iphone as I am waiting for the 4g to be released.