Toyota Recall Latest: Promoting New Vehicles Not Failings

There are those who would say that the image of Toyota has been damaged beyond repair, but they are a big company with huge resources and should be able to come out the other end. The recall list now stands at over 8 million; these include the recent recalls of the Prius Hybrid and the Tacoma Trucks.

According to an article on Freep, Toyota sales chief Bob Carter was at Chicago auto show, where he was quoted as saying that they are now “promoting new vehicles rather than revisiting its failings.” The Japanese automaker certainly has a few more fires to put out before they can move on, and that could take more than a year to achieve.

However, if more recalls are announced, then we have to wonder if Toyota will ever be able to regain its crown as the biggest automaker. General Motors and Ford have been taking advantage of the situation, and have been offering some great deals for those customers who were thinking about getting themselves a new Toyota vehicle.

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