New iPad and iPhone: Flash demanded by millions

By Peter Chubb - Feb 14, 2010

Since the launch of the Apple iPhone there have been more than 7 million download attempts for flash by the smartphone users. The demand by millions shows no sign of slowing and that number is sure to increase with the release of the new iPad device.

It is no secret that iPhone users are missing out on Adobe Flash, we had hoped that Apple would come to an agreement by the time the new iPad and iPhone 4G are released, but that is not looking likely. We recently reported on an article asking if the Apple iPad and iPhone 4G would fail without flash?

According to PC World, Steve Jobs recently said that Flash was slow and full of bugs, which is why Apple was backing HTML 5. This is not something that iPhone users agree with, and these 7 million download attempts of the Flash Player proves just that.

However, Apple could be helping us in a strange way, if we did have Flash on our iPhone or the new iPad then just imagine how much bandwidth you would use. There will be so many users going over their monthly limits, as well as the fact that AT&T cannot handle the load as it is.

For more news on this visit PC World.

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  • Tony

    This has little to do with Flash’s bugs or unwanted advertising. In my opinion, this has more to do with Apple’s paranoia that users of their hardware might actually get their media from sites other than Apple’s lucrative iTunes store. Apple even claims that it’s illegal if you “jailbreak” your iPhone so you can get apps from places other than the iTunes store (see the article from a year ago at the EFF That’s why I will never own an iPhone. I’m not interested in being in “jail”.

  • PulSamsara

    You cant play in Steve’s sandbox.

    Go Android.

  • Michael

    I agree with Danno, we do not want flash for the Iphone or anything else, it’s refreshing not to have to put up with all that garbage!

  • Danno Bonano

    I, for one, do not want some buggy crash-prone plugin on my phone or future device (such as the iPad). HTML5 is coming fast. Once YouTube and Hulu run web versions, we will start to see a declining adoption rate of Flash.

    You incorrectly state that millions of iPhone users disagree. That is just a blatant statement of misinformation bordering on an all out lie. You are intentionally misleading people by assuming that iPhone users that have navigated to a website that has flash incorporated (even just for ads) are saying “..this is not something that iPhone users agree with, and these 7 million download attempts of the Flash Player proves just that.”

    Shame on you. Obviously your web ads are in Flash and/or you are a Flash developer……none of which most, if not all, iPhone users probably could care less about. Only you do.

    • Chris Byrne

      Well Danno …
      I am fed up trying to access interactive web sites on my iphone just to find out that I need flash.
      If this is not resolved by the time my existing iphone contract is up I will be purchasing a different phone. There are some excellent phones coming to market.