MWC 2010: 4G and iPhone Challengers

The 2010 Mobile World Congress (MWC) is just a day away, and the whole world will be able to learn what cell phone makers have planned for us over the next year. It seems that every week there is a huge event going on, and the MWC 2010 is no expectation.

When it comes to smartphones, the biggest selling is still the iPhone, and we hope to see a new version later this year. However, there are a number of handsets being launched this year that will compete with Apple’s phone. 2010 will see a host of new 4G phones being released; most of those will probably be on the Sprint network as they are the only carrier currently using 4G.

Expect to see a number of phones that have come direct from CES 2010, but we do hope to see a few new ones. We recently reported that Windows could give us some more news on how Windows Mobile 7 is going; we will just have to wait on that one. For more news on what we can expect from tomorrow’s Mobile World Congress then visit



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