Modern Warfare 2: Xbox 360’s Patch FAILED To Fix Care Package Glitch

By Peter Chubb - Feb 13, 2010

Yesterday we reported that Infinity Ward released a patch for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to fix the care package glitch for the Xbox 360. However, looking at some of our reader’s comments coming in, it seems that the patch has not fixed the glitch.

We had assumed that the patch would solve that annoying care package glitch, as well as the speed that you run when holding a marker grenade being slowed down to a more normal speed. For the most part gamers are happy with the results, but there are a select few who report that the problem still exists for them.

One of our readers said that he downloaded the patch, but still witnessed the glitch in full effect. Another of our readers assumes that Infinity Ward is aware of this and is already working on a new patch. However, this could take more than a month before Xbox 360 users will see it.

Did the patch fix the Care Package Glitch for you; let us know by adding your comments below.

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  • nigz4life

    wow u guys r cock gobbling snitches who need to grow the fuck up. if you wanna get raped at cod6 for box 360 then add me…………………… my gamertag is I KILL NUGZ all capitalized

  • someguy

    what they need 2 do is ban all the fags who ruin any game

  • brandyn

    yea the patch has been stoping every new care package glitch that modern warfare 2 has been reciveing.

  • jake

    yea i think its gone on ps3 i havnt seen it done for a while. well add me

    psn:— LastFupaFighter

  • Josh

    They fixed the care package glitch where you climb over wall to activate it. there is another one though where you jump over a weapon thats way more complicated with button patterns.

  • barrac obama

    bull shit the patch is not completely fixed, i play a good bit of the day but i see a few glitch games every now and then. it was getting annoying so i googled it and it took me here. the glitch is not fixed…

  • portjumper

    modern warfare dint give me time to eat after reaching 6000 perstige i had an endless list of noobs who thought i was hacking

  • jim

    i haven't seen it lately. I thought the running really fast thing wasn't a glitch. I just thought infinity ward did that on purpose. the infinite care package glitch seems to be over though

  • CroppingRuby

    Definitely do not think it is fixed! I was in a game with 2 players care package glitching. Neither with more than 12 or so kills with multiple deaths and calling in care packages galore!!!!!!

  • Dave

    I just hunt the f**kers down if they are glitching, they are not concentrating in the game so a well timed noob tube or sniper shot sort them out :o)

    • port jumper

      i totally know what you mean yesterday i was playing some hack noob got in front of my scope that shut him up

  • VinTheDean

    The exploit is not fixed on the PS3 either. I still see people doing it.

  • Adam

    It is dis-heartening that there are so many glitches/exploits in this game. There have been times when I have seriously considered turning off MW2 or changing to a new game. Of course, then I realize that even with all the problems, there is still no game that comes close to achieving the type of gameplay experience that MW2 has.

  • Matt

    Its so stupid the patch does not work at all the care package glitch is still working and little noobs who cant play the game the way its ment to be played juss makes me wanna sell my MW2!!!

  • JWong

    The Care Package glitch is fixed for now on the Xbox 360.

    What they need to fix is:
    The Harrier Gltich (Multiple Harriers in the Sky
    Multiple One Man Army Glitches (Riot Shield on Turret, "Equipment Gun")
    Going out of radiated sites and surviving via painkiller.
    God Mode.

    ….and Multiple gun exploits

  • Radiant.Child

    I play on PS3 and as of right now the method of glitching by climbing the wall and using the tactical insertion at the top of the climb then switching back to the care package doesn’t work. It throws the care package then you go retrieve it then try to throw the next care package and you just get +100 with no extra care package. I never tried the double tapping the d-pad method. Never even heard of it so I’m not sure if it works.

  • Nick

    i was just in a game yesterday on derail when i went to snipe someone who had gotten 12 carepackages in one game

  • Some Guy

    As far as i’m aware the glitch is fixed, only thing is its annoying how they nerfed the run speed… It was obviously intended that you could run that fast when they first made the game, its just too many people crying when they get knifed by someone using it… To be honest its not that hard to avoid it lol

  • lol, how can a patch fail??? those guys really must be idiots 😀

  • nick

    They Obviously Never had downloaded the patch
    they dont have 2 do it untill they log out..

  • im a LEGIT 10th prestige on mw2 xbox 360(:

    28d 4hrs 22mins -how long i played
    RaNK 4 in wins

  • It looks to me like its fixed (360). It was just that when many people have care package sometimes 2 or 3 guys on a team legitimately get the CP at around the same time. So for a moment it may appear to be tom-foolery, but its not. Now, it is no where near what it was like with that dumb glitch in full effect. I have 5- predator 6-precision air strike and 7 – harriers lined up for my kill streak. I get accused of glitching because 1 -2 or sometimes 3 times per game I unload a crazy air assault right in a row. Its all legit though and I never used the CP glitch or any glitch (except to see how its done).. I hate them. I hate cheating of any kind… ruins the game. I'm sure some other dumb crap will come along soon enough. At least there is no under-the-map nonsense like in WAW. That was really bad.

  • Joe

    Well glitching does suck can't lie it is fun to do I enjoy it I got cold blooded from it in 3 matches which normally would take 50 groundwars to fully max out

  • Jay W

    (posted on different topic, by me, though it applies here aswell I got it at about 6pm central time today and installed it fine (PS3). It didn’t patch the carepackage glitch (just checked). However, when i did the glitch, the game stopped and was “finding a new host.” After it was done, the game resumed. But, my score was reset to 0-0. Everyone else’s was fine. A warning from IW perhaps? The game was the first game I used the AK-47 in this prestige, I unlocked grenade launcher before I did the glitch. After my score was reset, I only got 4 kills. After the game, I still unlocked the launcher, even though when I viewed the post-game stats it said 4-0.

  • Jay W

    (posted on different topic by me, though it applies here aswell.) I got it at about 6pm central time today and installed it fine (PS3). It didn’t patch the carepackage glitch (just checked). However, when i did the glitch, the game stopped and was “finding a new host.” After it was done, the game resumed. But, my score was reset to 0-0. Everyone else’s was fine. A warning from IW perhaps? The game was the first game I used the AK-47 in this prestige, I unlocked grenade launcher before I did the glitch. After my score was reset, I only got 4 kills. After the game, I still unlocked the launcher, even though when I viewed the post-game stats it said 4-0.

  • sociablebrute

    the care package glitches are still there and im about to give up on infinity ward ive had enough of the cheating. i think more than just a patch needs to be done. set a example out of a few of them. ban em, ban em all!!!!!!!

  • Xeslana

    well i think that it sucks that they patched it, it was fun being a dirt bag and i hope that the patch doesnt work for another month so i can enjoy being a dirt bag a little longer =D

  • goerge


  • Spocker Rocker

    ps3 wasn't fixed and IW stated that it wasn't fixed for PS3…..but I noticed a reduction in people trying it at least….

  • Chad

    a month? i'm glad i bought mariokart wii to tie me over cause mw2 isn't even worth playing right now. also i can confirm that ps3 users are having this same issue, and pretty much every game is filled with noobs trying to hurry and get their 10th prestige before this is patched. rather than having objectives in the game types all each team does is try to establish air superiority asap and bombard the other team first.

    they really dropped the ball with this, i'm disappointed.

    • Yes WE do On Ps3 we have the same problem !! annoying noobs trying to use every resource to level up quikly!! and the care package glitch is great for them! but unfortunately not for us real players .. I only Play Search and destroy until everything is fix,because is the only part of the game glitch free so far!!____Jv_Assassin12 Ps3____ps!!

  • Twist

    A fw new glitches have arisen, as always will with a patch. I’ve heard that sniping thing a few times now, thought nothing of it when it happened to me. I just went and used my ak instead, nothing annoys people like an ak headshot when theyre trying to snipe you. Pew pew =)

  • di4z4p4m

    it got a patch, but of course it only took minutes for them to find a new way.
    Here it is, chumps:

    • B.Diddy

      di4z4p4m is the chump for posting a video for a PS3 game when the article is about the XBox version.

  • Richard

    I still see people doing the glitch

  • Pickettj

    I played a few rounds on PS3 last night and found a game where one player with 20 kills called in more than 10 EAD’s so I would say that their patch is a big fat FAIL. There are also already videos on youtube highlighting the new method of doing this but I have no interest in figuring it out. I would rather they just fix the glitches or start moderating PS3 game play and banning glitchers. They ruin the games.

  • i tried it but i cant get it to work, however when i was prompted for the update it was not forceable ie, i could have continued and hit “update later”
    I can only assume the people still using the glitch, are the ones that choose to update later!

  • cagney

    if your talking about modern weapons then the m4 is definetly not a modern weapon either, actually none of the weapons on there are modern accept the scar and the acr.

    • Ryan

      ….and the Vector, UMP45, AA12, Tar21

  • Nabz

    I think those who havent updated still have the glitch.. and it effects those who have updated!!

  • Albie

    hey guys, been reading through multiple forums for ps3/pc/xbox and watchin videos etc. here’s some more info

    the real deal seems to be that some people can get the glitch to work, even on 360 with the updated patch.

    the old way does not work (simple climb, d-pad right tap).

    the new way (wind marker, climb, use tac, dpad right select carepackage) ALMOST works for me. i get another carepackage marker, use it, get +100, but the marker is instantly switched back to my gun, and i have nothing to throw.

    now my brother and i and others have been carefully examining others behavior. some ppl are DEF doing the glitch, and it somehow involves their dying by jumping off a cliff or something.

    we are not sure what the deal is.

    my PS3 friends still can do it. not sure about PC

    hope this helps some.

  • Rob


  • Ashley

    Ryan, the glitch has not been fixed. I am a decent player, and one who has a brain too. An emergency airdrop requires 8 kills, so how can a player on 20 kills call in 5 in a succession, I’m totally fed up of these cheats ruining MW2.

  • sniperuphigh

    There is vids up on youtube now showing how to do the glitch after patch for 360 using tactical insertion instead of pressing right twice on d-pad IW will never get MW2 glitch free theres 2 many sad ppl out there that just want 2 glitch why idk im playing legit but with all these glitches its hard to stick with mw2 at the moment

  • charlie

    it has been patched

  • Nathan

    Nope it still works. I’ve reported all those I saw doing it. Not that xbox live seem to care. Glitching ruins a great game yet again.

  • Yeti Bash

    Most likely the people who were/are still using the care package glitch never updated the game or haven’t exited out since the patch was released. As far as I know you aren’t kicked out of the game when a patch is released.

  • Welsh Worrior

    There is a new care package glitch going past the new update. Me and my freinds online (Xbox Live) were doing it it is verry difficult to do and it was so much easyer the old way. R.I.P Wall hoping care package glitch.

    • Albie

      what way is this? if you don’t mind me asking… i posted at the end of the forum check to see my comment about it working halfway for some of us

  • yes it did fix the care pack glitch for me.

  • hey lol

    Silencers are STUPID…. They need to change them so they actually have LESS range and MORE damage instead they shoot just as far as any other weapon with less power.

  • that one guy

    modern warfare 2 is slowly failing they keep screwing it up and need to just reboot the entire online play and start over. way way to many problems and its getting very irritating.

  • jdc4aub47

    The glitch was fixed, i saw the update and tried the glitch to see if that was what the update was for. The fast running with the care package isn’t a glitch though, it was meant to be that way. The snipers do need to be up-powered though. it takes 2-3 hits to kill someone with a .50 cal when in real life they use .50 cal as an anti-materials gyn used to destroy vehicles and supplies for it is too powerful to be used on humans without wasting energy.

  • SerpentTerror

    I have noticed that danger close does not appear to be as effective with this most recent patch. In reference to the care package glitch and other problems I played for many hours last night into the wee hours of the morning and did not see any care package glitching. I agree with Alexs’ post above and think that anyone who thinks someone is glitching should step their game up to be sure. I sometimes find myself with multiple care packages left over as I did not have the opportunity to call them in.

  • this guy

    Its patched. I’ve played a bunch of games on every map (except for rust) and theres no glitchers there. I think care package running has been fixed too, but it wasnt too much of a problem in the first place.

    I dont know if this is related, but ground wars has been really glitchy after the patch. It would often kick people out of the party, or divide the party up into two or three different games. Once or twice, it added random people into our party.

  • Austin

    The care package is fixed, i knew how to do it, and i tried out of curiosity and it does not work anymore, you still run just as fast with the marker though, that has not changed.

  • Marty

    no it did not fix it. But I was thinking maybe people just didn’t allow the update to happen.

  • az

    since the patch there seems to be a lot more lag in the games and strange things happening with genral game play like bullets don’t seem to cause the damage they should, a strange glitch with frags and seeing people get spawned in very odd places like in mid air on highrise

    • alphaisatard

      and also since the patch, i haven’t had any good pizza from pizza hut too. i think when they deployed the patch, that it hit all the major trucking lines which affects everything that we do. i also heard a little girl crying outside too after the patch. yeah,. let’s blame everything on the patch. that’s why they made it, so more problems would appear. good thinking.

      • Stinky

        That right there is the funniest post I have seen in a long time.

  • AlphaQDoggy

    The “unlimited” care package glitch IS fixed. I know this personally because I have certain friends I play with that will use it when opponents due, and he tried and it didn’t work. (When they use it when opponents do I do not let them stay in my party.) I have reported EVERY user I could for cheating everytime they did as I read online that PC users got their accounts suspended, and I heard XBox cheaters would soon experience the same. Unfortunately I do NOT think that will come to true so I think those cheaters that got their ratios and ranks will learn that this time, cheaters did win! I hope somehow XBox does punish them or at least give me some free days on XBox Live!

    The “running” care package glitch was unfortunately NOT fixed, and I would have liked to at least seen this fixed.

    Other non “glitches” I would like removed are the stupid distance and accuracy of Rangers and grenade launchers. Camping is annoying but can be avoiding by not going into his area, but some shooting you from across the room or blind “tubing” is equally as annoying as the glitching was. Can anyone tell me how Rangers are considered a “modern” weapon?

    • az

      rangers are the best weapon IMHO and as to them being modern the AK-47 was desinged in 1947 hence the name

    • alphaisatard

      when my friends use it, i leave their party…..i report everyone for cheating except for my friends. i have such high morals, except when it comes to my friends. and then your view on camping…….you think in real life marines and soldiers just run around like crazy. you’re a tard dude….you’re about as annoying as me not using caps or ending sentences properly.

  • hank

    Yo, I was playing about 2-3 days and these two fags on ps3 kept using it!!! 4 or 5 games in a row!!! I dont recall theyre psn, but the Clan tag was Y$E, i want them to fix it!!!! and if u see them in ur lobby tell me!

    psn: Leek001

  • Jackson

    I was playing Domination on Terminal while the care package glitch was in affect. I ran to where it was happening to see two players doing the glitch.

  • dale

    Yo, I was playing about 2-3 days and these two fags on ps3 kept using it!!! 4 or 5 games in a row!!! I dont recall theyre psn, but the Clan tag was Y$E, i want them to fix it!!!! and if u see them in ur lobby tell me!

    psn: Leek001

  • joe

    Yo, I was playing about 2-3 days and these two fags on ps3 kept using it!!! 4 or 5 games in a row!!! I dont recall theyre psn, but the Clan tag was Y$E, i want them to fix it!!!! and if u see them in ur lobby tell me!

    psn: Leek001

  • cpl

    Thank u M$ for the certification process. Making sure developers actually fix problems instead of smoke and mirrors.

  • one800higgins

    Very effective reporting here… Let’s all take internet chat and report on it as the truth.

    Here’s what has happened.

    Care package glitch was patched on the PC in mid January and then shortly there-after on the PS3. The glitch only covered one of the methods of the glitch, so videos shot around YouTube showing how to still glitch. That patch never made it to the 360.

    Yesterday, the new patch came to the 360. The patch covers all forms of the glitch and has halted in game glitching. There are SOME users out there who still report it but it’s very very very rare to hear a legit story (personally, with about 8 hours of game time after the patch, I didn’t see one instance of glitching). Most people just post videos from other systems (usually the PC version) showing someone playing on the failed patch.

    PC and PS3 are running on the 1.08 patch, and will receive another patch soon that covers all the versions of the glitch, just as the Xbox has now.

    So, you were right the first time. Maybe you should research more before posting online.

    • ass

      you are a littel bicth why the fuck you asssssss

    • hater

      I totally agree with ass. You don’t have to put everybody down because yo think it makes you seem intellectual or cool. As it is so obvious to everybody else, the contrary is true; you are just a bitch.

  • Jonathan

    I have honestly not seen any of the glitch, but I have noticed an inherit instability in hosting sessions now. It plagued me worse than I have ever seen and heard MANY of the same comments on XBox Live lastnight. 5 games in a row we switched hosts, one of those 3 times… We backed out only to find the problem plagueing us everywhere we went, was this just a run of bad luck?

    • Paul

      I have this problem too, NAT type is now strict and I struggle to get any decent games and when i do, within mins the whole migration thing kicks off again.

  • Ryan

    I think the care package glitch has been fixed, I played all day yesterday and didn’t see it one time where as before I would see it like 3-4 times every session. the only people that are complaining that it hasn’t been fixed are the people who need an excuse for not being good at the game. I’m sure every time someone uses their care package the other team is going to automatically assume it’s a care package glitch.

    • Marek

      glitch was not fixed.. First match i played last night two people were doing the glitch. Also the running fast with a care package hasnt been fixed either, I tried it and it still works. What i have noticed is that now when you snipe the bullets dont do any damage, had a few matches where i shot a person and it never killed them. 4 or 5 shots later it finally registered.

      • paul

        Well the running fast is not a glitch first of all and i havent seen anyone doing so r u sure they didnt get mltiple car packages?

    • Rob

      I play cod a lot and i think it might have been patched the best way to find out is to do it yourself, get a marker go up to a climbable surface press A and as you do so pull out tactical insertion then whilst holding the tactical insertion press right on the d pad. i will try today and see what happens. i think there are different versions of the glitch. this one has been patched

      • Amanda

        The glitch (if it hasn’t been patched today) is easier this way:

        Hold care package marker.
        While climbing over something (car hood, barricade, etc.) press right on the D-pad twice.
        If it worked, the marker will still be held (if not you will be holding your firearm).
        Drop your package and capture.
        Deploy any care reward (UAV, etc) and you should have another package waiting.

        I didn’t play on the 15th, but it was still working on the 14th after the update.