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Modern Warfare 2: Xbox 360’s Patch FAILED To Fix Care Package Glitch

Yesterday we reported that Infinity Ward released a patch for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to fix the care package glitch for the Xbox 360. However, looking at some of our reader’s comments coming in, it seems that the patch has not fixed the glitch.

We had assumed that the patch would solve that annoying care package glitch, as well as the speed that you run when holding a marker grenade being slowed down to a more normal speed. For the most part gamers are happy with the results, but there are a select few who report that the problem still exists for them.

One of our readers said that he downloaded the patch, but still witnessed the glitch in full effect. Another of our readers assumes that Infinity Ward is aware of this and is already working on a new patch. However, this could take more than a month before Xbox 360 users will see it.

Did the patch fix the Care Package Glitch for you; let us know by adding your comments below.



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