Verizon iPhone: Recap from analysts

By Peter Chubb - Feb 12, 2010

For those who were hanging on to every word that Steve Jobs was saying a few weeks back at the Apple event, there was no mention of the Verizon iPhone. The event was all about the iPad, a device that has had mixed reactions, with many websites explaining how they are disappointed with the new tablet device.

Looking over recent news, it looks like the chances of the iPhone coming to Verizon are getting slimmer by the day. The preferred network carrier was dealt a huge blow by not being offered the smartphone, which makes you wonder if they will ever see the iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal has been taking a closer look at the possibility of the iPhone being offered to Verizon customers. They explain that Apple could change their mind soon, only if they see a drop in iPhone income. Then again, they could choose to go with T-Mobile, as they might not try to dictate rules to Apple like Verizon has been rumored to be doing.

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  • Shawn

    I have been on Verizon for years and love it however if they don’t get the Iphone before my contract is up in November I am leaving them. Verizon has the worst phones (toys)

  • Kleetus92

    I'm holding off for a new phone on VZW because I'd really like to know what the hell is going on. I've heard 3 release dates in the last 2 months, and I'm not going to buy a phone just so I can have something. My old LG8300 flip is still ticking, and will continue to do so until Apple and VZW get their collective heads out of their asses.

    And as far as Steve Jobs nazi attitude, the iPhone is the only Apple product I'll ever buy for just that reason. (I'm still miffed about that whole 8 bit non parity memory back in the 90's; how stupid can you get?)

  • rwaggs

    I want the iPhone on Verizon as well, but I fear they will cripple it the way they cripple ALL their phones, and I fear that they will put the crappy Verizon UI on the phone as well.

    After five years on Verizon, it may be time to switch back. I'm tired of the crappy policies.

    • johny

      dude feel the same way

  • Derek

    ATT may become #1 wireless carrier this year if Verizon / Apple negotiations won’t fly .. End of story.

  • max

    i want the iphone for verizon so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kit

    Well from a business stand point, yes Apple's main goal is to get as many of its iphone out there as possible. Apple is currently begining to saturate their AT&T carrier base and need to expand to different carriers to continue their momentum while their product is still considered a leader. Verizon would love to add the iphone to its variety of phones. However Apple does not have the negotiating power it once did as Verizon has tons of new phone options now, with Anroid and Windows 7 leading the way. Verizon is in a better position at this point. The biggest hurtle now is with Steve Jobs. He’s has a huge ego, and would bypass $$ $ if he is offended (which is has done in the past). He is also a huge control freak and his nazi attitude toward his company’s products, while it may help customer care may keep the iphone from coming to Verizon.

  • Jamie

    For those of you think Apple cares about that advertisement for the Droid that supposedly slammed them, you’re not very bright.

    It’s simply business. Verizon was showing they had a better product. Period. Apple has used the same advertising practices for its Apple vs PC commercials.

    Ultimately Verizon is the largest wireless carrier, and Apple obviously wants to expand their territory. They could sit and wait for ATT to expand their network, or they could sign a deal with Verizon.

    There’s no hurt feelings in large business, period. Apple and Verizon will eventually have a deal. WHEN it happens is the real question.

    • Sean

      None of the other smart phones even come close to the Iphone It is just superior. The reason every new iphone that comes out claims to be an iphone killer is because iphones are setting the bar and the fact that its not dead yet despite being on an inferior carrier shows you that the other phones don't even come close. Apple doesn't need verizon there more focused on the global picture which is primarily GSM. Not CDMA like verizon.

  • Martin

    The iphone/att partnership is a disaster.
    AT&T network and customer service are (according to me and Consumers) the worst. Left Verizon for iphone and it cost me (4 phones) over $400…now leaving to go back at a cost of $460.
    No matter what happens…because of this experience…I WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT AT&T HAS ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH!

    • Noneya

      I am an ATT consumer and I do not have any issues with ATT. Been with the service since 1997 when it was Bell South Mobility. Never an issue. I have had tons of friends drop from Verizon because of the customer service and their rules and regs. But to be fair I have heard the same complaints from former ATT customers. I guess there are whinny Biotches every where

  • icey

    Why do people say you can’t use your verizon phone outside the country? I have a blackberry and I’ve used it out the country, you go to your online account click on what country you’re going to and it works just like I was here in the US

    • Zach

      you have to have an international phone. most phones don't have that capability. phones with international capability are sold as separate phones so it's not a feature you can just add on.

  • Ben There

    Had Verizon and their predecessors for years. I left them for two reasons. The lack of ethics in their sales teams and their controling policies. I once specifically bought a phone because I could make my own ringtones,put them on a micro as card and copy them to the phone. I also was moving. I told the rep where I was moving right down to the actual address. I was assured I was within coverage, but when I finally was relocated I was then told I was out of the footprint and I had 6 month old phone they would not take back. I could not get a local phone number. Secondly when I had what I thought was a minor issue with the battery life instead of just replacing the battery they exchanged the phone. I thought that was very customer friendly until I found out they did it to get my original version off the streets. It seems that they discovered the home made ring tone feature and didn’t want any of their customers to be able to get ringtones without paying for them so they were getting the phones back any way they could and replacing them with phones that were functionally edited and not telling the customer. Won’t go back ever. If I buy a phone I want to use it as I will

  • Edward

    I just switched from verizon to ATT for the iphone. I have an itoch and love it. just seemed right and all the apps are great. The price is the same for the services and I got the family plan which made it even cheaper than Verizon. I will comment later and let you know how like the service.

  • sean

    the iphone is with verizon now january 2011 its being release


    i am readied to change service from Sprint to ATT for the Iphone. So do you think it is safe for me to do so since I would be locked on ATT service for the next two years. Thanks

    • steve

      there are bigger decisions in life than who your phone carrier is

  • Damon

    I highly doubt that Verizon would get the iPhone, and if they were, I’m sure apple would make sure that Big Red would do whatever is necessary to get it. Reason why….. think a few months back, right around the time the Verizon Droid was being released. Remember the infamous commercial Verizon used to market it? “iDon’t do this, iDon’t do that…DROID DOES”. That was a direct shot at the iPhone. Why would Apple sign with Verizon after THAT kind of stunt?

  • Damon

    Well, when you really think about it, If verizon really does end up getting the iPhone, apple will probably make them squirm before they get it. Think back not to long ago, a few months back when the Droid was coming out. Remember that infamous Verizon commercial that literally DOGGED the iPhone? “iDon’t do this, iDon’t do that”. Why exactly would apple sign with Verizon after that kind of stunt?

  • Aaron


    • Guest

      The Droid ain't all it's touted to be either. Think I would rather have my BB Curve than this Droid.

  • Jim

    Verizon iPhone Please!

    Please sign this petitiion. The goal is set high and it has just been created but any signatures would be appreciated. Only 1-2 minutes of you’re time and we could get the iPhone on verizon.

  • Steve

    Verizon uses a different radio set than most of the World, makes more sense that the iPhone will see T-Mobile before Verizon once exclusivity is dropped.

    • Damiien

      As some one recently employed by both Verizon and AT&T I can tell you that the major reason why Verizon turned down Apple was because of there demands on not giving the carrier access to replacement phones with in there stores. Apple Iphone replacements are handled only by Apple, while Verizone offers replacemnts at the retail locations for all phones and have techs that also de repairs. Apple did not want anyone other than there people replacing or fixing the units. As far as GSM to CDMA Verizon currently has PDA’s that do both.. So having a phone with both radio frequencies shouldnot be a major issue…

      • Used to be True

        You can’t get any replacement device from Verizon in the stores anymore, it’s all dealt with by phone. They won’t even set up a replacement for you, they tell you to leave and call 611.

        • James

          Don’t know what you’re talking about…just had my BlackBerry replaced at a store two days ago.

  • alex

    I can’t tell you how long i’ve been waiting for the iphone and to hear verizon is not even thinking of getting the iphone disappoints me. I’ve been with verizon since before airtouch but i am starting to change my mind and might be switching to SBC just because of the iphone . I don’t think any of us should be limited to what type of phone we can get with our providers and this is they’re job to make sure we do.

    • Brian

      I agree with you a 100%, as I have been a 18 year customer witn Airtouch/Celluar-One/Verizon…., as I have just left the AT & T store to find the i-phone the next phone I would like to have….

      I will be switching to A T & T tomorrow….:-) Good Luck…I have become impatient with Verizon…

    • ben

      Be carefull… i switched to ATT and went back to Verizon after a month. The iphone was amazing but the service is horrible. I miss the iphone but enjoy no dropped calls

  • Gayrub

    Actually Verizon was offered the iphone before AT&T was. Verizon turned them down. AT&T was Apple’s second choice.

    • yup

      That is very true, whomever wrote that article need to do better research.

      • aeson

        yeah that is true, although I don’t know that they were offered it, I know Apple was in heavy negotiations but felt Verizon wanted too much control.

        • david

          AT&T gave up tons of rights just to catch up with Verizon, their deal with Apple made AT&T as big as it is today. Apple wants a lot from a carrier. Apple not only takes the iPhone sales, but they also want a chunk of the income generated from a cell phone plan. Verizon wasn’t going to allow Apple to “require” that from them, so they passed it up. AT&T knew it had to do something to become a major carrier so it gave up part of its sales to become #2

    • Chris

      Actually, because Verizon wanted too much control, Apple turned Verizon down and went with AT&T. My 2 cents… 🙂