Vancouver 2010: New Winter Olympics doodle from Google

By Peter Chubb - Feb 12, 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is about to start today and to help celebrate the opening Google has a new doodle. Instead of the usual small logo, this one spreads across the whole width of their homepage, just for those who forgot the games were starting today.

According to The Telegraph, the drawing is of the opening ceremony, with the “L” in Google being a flame instead. To the left of the logo are the five famous rings that symbolize the Olympic Games. The search engine giant did the same for the 2008 summer Beijing Olympics, that doodle had five mascots who were holding an Olympic flag.

There is no better way to spread the message of a huge event than to have Google do a doodle of it, millions of people will see it each day. This is great for those who did not know that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was about to take place, well they could have been sleeping for a few weeks and just woke up.

For all the results of the games, there is a cool iPhone app to keep you fully up-to-date. Read more here.

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  • Nithya

    I am somehow not impressed with the vancouver doodle.. Its very sobre and lifeless… It could have been vibrant and attractive instead..

  • chris

    After some Googling….apparently credit goes to Dennis Hwang. He is at Google and does most of the doodles.

  • amy

    who is the artist?

  • Craig

    One small annoyance..I’m from Vancouver and the doodler for Google put in lots of pretty trees to back up the iconic figures of sports participants–but a quick search would have revealed that Whistler BC has evergreen trees–deciduous trees are more a Quebec type of setting..I know I should get a life, but how much work would it take for an artist/illustrator to check that out?

  • Chris

    Yes I am sure the Olympic police will follow up with google and issue cease and desist orders. If not perhaps the Chinese olympic committee will block the doodle electronically and replace it with a red star (:

    • Chris

      poof, the google doodle has now been sanitized. Someone came to their senses, or did a little more research at google and the olympic rings have been removed from the doodle. Good call.

  • GoogleQuestion

    Wow – Google using the Olympic logo without paying millions in license fees?

    The Olympic symbol is not even noted on Google’s doodle as being a trademark or registered trademark.

    Any mere mortal that uses the Olympic logo – without paying megabucks for official exclusive sponsorship – is immediately dragged into court by the IOC. You can’t even use the word, never mind the trademark.

    Not only that, but it appears that for regular visitors to the games it is *illegal* even for them to blog about it because they are not ‘accredited’ (paying) journalists.

    So, what is the deal between the IOC and Google anyway?

    There was no official announcement of sponsorship. No auctioning of rights, as there was, say, for TV. No limitation on Google taking pictures and effectively broadcasting, even though Google claims *not* to be a media company in its own right.

    And now the Google doodle, complete with famous Olympic rings, and no mention of licensing, registered trademarks, nothing.

    ‘Do no evil’ needs to include ‘Do not make it look like you are doing evil’. What gives, Google?

    But then like illegally copying books that would land the rest of us in jail, there’s one law for us, and one law for Google?