Vancouver 2010: New Winter Olympics doodle from Google

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is about to start today and to help celebrate the opening Google has a new doodle. Instead of the usual small logo, this one spreads across the whole width of their homepage, just for those who forgot the games were starting today.

According to The Telegraph, the drawing is of the opening ceremony, with the “L” in Google being a flame instead. To the left of the logo are the five famous rings that symbolize the Olympic Games. The search engine giant did the same for the 2008 summer Beijing Olympics, that doodle had five mascots who were holding an Olympic flag.

There is no better way to spread the message of a huge event than to have Google do a doodle of it, millions of people will see it each day. This is great for those who did not know that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was about to take place, well they could have been sleeping for a few weeks and just woke up.

For all the results of the games, there is a cool iPhone app to keep you fully up-to-date. Read more here.



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