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Splinter Cell: Conviction, Detailed First Hands-on

Today has been a big day for Splinter Cell: Conviction, not only have we seen some impressive screenshots, but we have also seen gameplay footage, now to ‘put the cherry on the cake’ we have come across one of the first ever hands-on reviews.

Editors at JoyStiq were recently lucky enough to get hands-on experience with the long awaited game, the demo which they played was apparently the tutorial level, therefore only a small part of the presumably expansive game was experienced.

JoyStiq were a little unimpressed with the extremely limited options available to you when carrying out interrogations, apparently all methods ended with ‘punching your suspect until he’s unconscious’.

They did however seem pretty happy with the new ‘mark and execute’ command, all in all they seemed very happy with the overall pace of Conviction, they were also extremely happy with slick and smooth manner in which you can carry out your executions.

Source: JoyStiq



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