Palm Pre on AT&T: Release date confirmed via FCC?

By Alan Ng - Feb 12, 2010

We have some good news for AT&T customers who have been waiting patiently for the release of the Palm Pre phone, as it looks as if we have a possible confirmation of a release date for the webOS device.

As reported from BGR, latest leaked documents from the FCC website have revealed that the Palm Pre could be landing on AT&T on 10th May 2010.

The phone will come with the AT&T brand on it, and have support for 850/1900 GSM and WCDMA bands II/V.

Information that comes from the FCC is usually spot on, so we could have stumbled onto a winner here. Let us know your thoughts on it.

Have you been waiting for the Pre to land on AT&T?

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  • Rashawn

    Going to be a sharp device, It's on my purchase list!

  • Rashawn

    Going to be a sharp device, It's on my purchase list!

  • G.ASH

    Yes, I have been waiting for the Pre Plus to land on AT&T because as it will be GSM on AT&T, I will be able to purchase it unlocked from the US and use it down under (in Australia). I am looking forward to it!!

  • BigJ

    This is great news. My Centro died a few weeks ago so I had to go back to the old 680. This thing will never die, never work right but never died either lol. Welcome PRE and PIXI.

  • Pukfan

    I've had palm since the original Sony Clie came out. My centro died last year – couldn't wait so got a BB9700 for $50. Nice enough phone but the SW blows. You'd think after so many years as a business tool they would have decent software. NOT. So dusted off the ol' Palm TX and back to being a 2 device dude. Sure do miss my centro. Waiting with cash in hand for the ATT Palm Pre.

  • Moshe

    Since my first palm pilot I have been attached to my palm devices i.e. treo 600 and two treo 650's. They have always functioned more smoothly than the iphones that my wife and son use. i'm really looking forward to its release.

  • CJR

    I love my Centro, but this is great news indeed. I'm definitely jumping over to Pre the moment it lands at AT&T. Palm rocks.

  • nora

    sucks to be me i gave up and bought a storm 2 had it unlocked worked threw all the issues that goes with that and now i hear i coulda watied for the pre 🙁

  • CHAN


  • Elizabeth

    I cannot live without my Palm, but my Centro doesn't surf the web well or have a big enough screen. I am waiting impatiently for the Pre to be released. I am a dual platform computer used and Palm is the only system that works on both PC and Mac.

  • abigail

    FINALLY!!!…i’ve been nursing my treo to its death bed waiting for the pre to do its cross over

    do you have a date on when they’re going to release a plan?

  • JR

    I am soooo excited!! I actually just returned my iphone to wait for the Pre. I’m an avid Palm user and am excited that Palm has stepped into the game with the Pre!!! I’m also AT&T so I’ve been searching to see when they would offer the phone!

  • Sacramento Deb

    YES!!! I have been patiently waiting for the new Palm Pre. I have the Palm Centro with AT&T, but I would like to keep the Palm platform with a bigger screen. Plus this one has wi-fi. Definitely getting one as soon as it comes out for AT&T. I started out years ago with a Palm Pilot, so I’m comfortable with Palm, and love the upgrades.