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New iPhone 4G: What will 100 Mbps do for you?

While 3G connectivity remains the standard for current networking technology, we are fastly moving into a 4G era, with many companies looking to be the first ones to support faster speeds.

One of these companies is AT&T of course, who are looking to boost speeds from 2Mbps (3G) to up to 10Mbps (4G), according to wi-fiplanet, who have stated that AT&T has reached an agreement with equipment providers for 4G technology.

If the next version of the iPhone supports 4G speeds, as it most certainly will, it will put an end to the bandwidth issues that have surfaced recently, as 100Mbps or even 1Gbps will supply all your data requirements for sure.

Meanwhile, Verizon are moving onward with their LTE plans, as we are still unsure of an iPhone release which would even support LTE tech.

If you’re on AT&T, let us know what you think about an iPhone supporting a 100Mbps 4G network.



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