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Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360): Care Package Glitch Patch Live

If you have been frustrated with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 care package glitch on your Xbox 360 we have some good news for you, according to FourZeroTwo’s twitter an update has been released.

Three hours ago he tweeted “Modern Warfare 2 players on Xbox 360 just received an update today. This is what it included. Feedback welcomed”, his tweet points to this link.

From what we can see the annoying infinite care package glitch will finally be patched, the negative XP hack will be patched also sprint speed when running with a marker grenade will be normalized.

There will also be improvements made to the geometry of the game, apparently Sentry Gun placement will be improved. Finally the unrealistic range associated with Bling Akimbo FMJ Model 1887’s will now dish out the same range and damage that non-Bling Models offer.

Is the care package glitch now cured on your Xbox 360?



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