Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360): Care Package Glitch Patch Live

By Jamie Pert - Feb 12, 2010

If you have been frustrated with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 care package glitch on your Xbox 360 we have some good news for you, according to FourZeroTwo’s twitter an update has been released.

Three hours ago he tweeted “Modern Warfare 2 players on Xbox 360 just received an update today. This is what it included. Feedback welcomed”, his tweet points to this link.

From what we can see the annoying infinite care package glitch will finally be patched, the negative XP hack will be patched also sprint speed when running with a marker grenade will be normalized.

There will also be improvements made to the geometry of the game, apparently Sentry Gun placement will be improved. Finally the unrealistic range associated with Bling Akimbo FMJ Model 1887’s will now dish out the same range and damage that non-Bling Models offer.

Is the care package glitch now cured on your Xbox 360?

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  • Satan

    If you use the care package glitch you suck at the game any of the other fixes weren't needed as I'm so damn good they don't affect me.

    The only fun glitch was the javelin and danger close.

  • Shrek

    I play the game but find it incredibly annoying, being sniped across map with a pistol ( basic ballistics tells you its not possible!!) spawning in front of the enemy or even better spawning in same spot under chopper gunner – try it on hardcore my record is 11deaths in 15secs!!! Throwing a grenade into an enclosed space full of enemy and no one dying. You mention ghlitches, these are not glitches, they are just bad, or worse, indifferent code writing – oh I forgot they work for microsoft!!!!

    • I agree I have been hit with one shot pistol kills from a long range, I admit there is skill to it (as I can't do it), but with no scope and a very small target marker (let alone that a pistol shouldn't have such long range).

      As for the spawn deaths, sometimes you do get killed from spawn with kill streaks, however it is not in my opinion possible to die 11 times in 15 seconds as hardcore modes have a countdown timer until you get back into the game.

  • lee

    Hey, has anyone else seen couple of problems I;ve had over thelast 3 days

    1) Private Match – on both mine and friends xbox when we try to set up a private match and invite, the 'accept/reject invite' message doesnt come up. (our nats are both open too)?

    2) Last two nights, all gamers in lobby seemed to experience time outs, and in game freeze or even rewinding of the game play (id walk forward 60ft in game but would then throw me back 50ft)
    And in addition to above (2), merging lobbys seemed screwed up so you;d be waiting 5-10min to get a game

    Just me ot has anyone else a) had these probs and b) know how to fix

    all help appreciated peeps thanks


    Can someone please explain to me why just about everyone complains about camping? Is it just me or does anyone else have this line of thought about camping: "YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE, THEY SHOULD BE EASIER TO KILL IF THEY STAY IN ONE SPOT." Seriously people. If you know where they are throw a grenade, pop some smoke, something, before you get over there and you'll have a better chance of not getting killed. Flash bang them so they can't see, whatever. I like to snipe but I don't do it all the time. People try to complain about people sniping and camping. News flash, SNIPERS DON'T MOVE MUCH. It's not camping when you're sniping. Granted it is annoying when someone is hiding behind a golf cart or in the burgertown in the terminal with a noob and they won't move around, but that's different than sniping. Those are the people too scared to move because they don't want to get shot. But let's face it, the name of the game is kill before you get killed. Is it really camping, or is it strategically placing? People just need to relax and remember it's just a video game. If you're getting so ticked off over a game, you have problems.

    • Shrek

      Lobbing a grenade at them is absolutely fine, unfortunately, thanx to IWs incredible code writing, unless the grenade lands at their feet and doesnt roll behind a cardboard box it does absolutely no use. Also thanx to IW again for having you repeatedly spawn in the same spot, makes camping much easier!!!

    • BillionBird

      very true. i like to snipe and i have fun sniping 🙂

  • i wish they hadn't patched the models they were so much fun it was like a little reward for all the 67 levels you worked hard for.
    you kept you striving for that last 3 levels akimbo models by your side, you'd savour them and then reluctantly prestige.
    Now i wish i'd savoured them a little longer because they were patched too soon for me to have one more short go on them 🙁

  • game4fun

    I have been playing all day and have not seen the care package glitch being used. The care package glitch was very common pre-patch so common that it was in about 8 of 10 games I played. Fortunately the care package glitch has been fixed and the game is playable again. A particularly annoying and harmful “cheat/boost ” that has not been fixed is the nuke boost. It evolves two players, one boosting and the other helping the booster. The booster and helper place strategic incision flares next to each other so they will spawn next to each other every time. The booster gets the 25 kill streak by killing the “helper” ( this usually happens in free for all or large games) keep in mind that the booster and his helper are on opposing teams, but prearrange to boost before the game starts. This is a form of meta-gaming that is considered a cheat by many people in the gaming community. And very annoying since the game ends for everyone when the booster achieves his/her 25 kill streak and uses the nuke.

    • Lee

      I still find this the most annoying cheat on this game….

  • MAC

    I think the care package marker speed should not have been patched, it greatly reduced the fun of the game. I wouldn’t consider it cheating, hacking, or exploiting, and ya, when I started playing, getting knifed over and over again quite swiftly by the same bastage was kinda annoying at first, but you come to respect the skill involved in doing so, and learn to do it yourself, and you’re still an excellent target for snipers and ground-and-pounders alike on most maps, so really there’s nothing lost by letting it go. I’m fairly certain that the initial speed was an intended part of the multiplayer game. It makes since, if you’re calling in a package, you want to be able to run faster to get somewhere safe or get to team mates to help you retrieve it. it also makes perfect since that if you are running around with just a marker grenade in your hand and not a weapon pointed out in front of you that you would be able to run “faster” per say. I thi9nk the folks that complained about this are all the snipers that couldn’t get their nukes because the knifer’s knew the snipe spots and would run from one to the next killing at will, and all those ground and pounders that got tired of getting knifed at every turn. The fact is it was a fun part of the game, both to do yourself, and to be getting knifed, if you have a good since of humor and sportsmanship. I think it evened the playing field. If you wanted to run around with a marker grenade, you have no weapon at hand to fire, which makes you more vulnerable, and perhaps, if you where trying to clear a small area to call in the care package, sentry, or airdrop, then you could do so effectively by knifing around quickly like so and toss your package. All the whiners that complained about this “glitch” are just jealous they couldn’t learn how to do it well, or that they aren’t good enough to get a 3(w/hardline) or 4 killstreak so that they could try or do it. I say grow up babys, and play the game the way it was made! as for the multiple care p[ackages glitch, honestly, i didn’t see a whole lot of harm in it, but, I’m kinda glad it’s gone, because there were certainly folks taking advantage of it to the point of abuse, which I am firmly against. Anyway, what’s done is done, and somehow I doubt us knifers will get our godspeed back, so I move on and deal with it and continue to play in any of a number of other ways. And that’s the way it is.

    • Enigma

      While I have no problem dealing with Care Package Knifers (with any shotgun) I still think that running around with the marker with increased speed is a bit of an exploit. Technically you are still carring your primary weapon and doesn't that factor in your mobility? For example, if your are using a LMG as your primary weapon, your movement is slowed considerably. That was made for game balancing purposes due to the amount of ammo and high firepower that LMG's have. Switching to your care package marker should not increase your speed because you are still carrying your primary weapon. I do not believe the game developers meant for people to run around the map with a care package marker in hand. Where is the realism in that? I know that most people who used the knifing glitch ran with a SMG rather than a LMG due to higher mobility.

    • Enigma

      As far as the infinite care package glitch goes, I thought it ruined the game. You are supposed to "earn" killstreaks. What's the point of playing objective based games when enemy air support (due to glitching) kept coming even after you shot it down. You get 3 or 4 kills to get "1" grenade marker and only 1. I actually think the infinite care package glitch is just as bad as the javelin glitch. It negatively effected how the game is played.

      Usually people who use these exploits aren't very good anyway. It's one thing to use and exploit and win. If you use any known exploit and lose, you just suck.

  • I agree the patch for the models was a mistake i liked the models a lot and i didnt really use them that much either.

  • John Slegaitis

    There was no point to the glitch in the first place the only thing it was good for is getting the care package challange compleat thats all. also the models are used by every level 70 and people camp with the things and that ticks me off. finally i have a clan called “OREO” we have 4 members, im clan leader if your interested please friend request me and let me know. (for level 30+ only)

  • chuck

    yes i have done the glitch several times, but i found that i got killed more times trying to get the air drop packs than i actually got them…. so yes i still glitched but i would run and sit back and watch the fight to get them… then get shot and do it all over again… it was fun… most of the packs i droped the other side got anyway… it gave team death match a more heart pounding rush to it…. same as trying to steel the packs from other glitchers… the peaple that are whinning are the peaple that cant get the kills to get the care packages in the first place… i use UAV,COUNTER UAV and EMERGENCY AIR DROP, so i was playing the game and had no complaints while playing …. it got boring after a while and now i am trying for my nuke.. mabey they should make a server for those who wanna have fun and glitch, but take out all the other kill streaks ( so you only had uav,counter uav, at 6 kills the care package and at 8 kills the “EAD” then at 9 true kills the rest start)and make the care packs more kills to get them or something like that….

  • snip3x

    i understand patching the care glitch but why did you have to stop the fastall faster sprinting and model range..the people thats complaining about how all that stuff is cheating are the ones who suck not us.. the only time i glitched is when the other team was camping.and taken the speed off was not called for what ever halo comes out soon any way..nd i still rape in domonation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMGThisSucks!

    Maybe they should just remove the care package and emergency air drop and reduce the kills needed on the kill streaks the follow the removed ones by 1 kill each? That would fix the problem!

  • IW failed again

    There is now another way to do the care package glitch. Now lets wait another month or more for a patch for the xbox.

    • bad boy

      how do u do the new care package glitch

  • morpheus

    I can tell you for certain that the care-package glitch is not fixed!!! I have personally witnessed the glitch in full effect in the last few hours. Somebody dropped the ball in the patch department….

  • jonny

    yeah they patched it up today…many people would talk about it and say they do it so infinaty found out and patched it up sometimes it helped bur team to win..also it helped ur team to lose

  • MW2 Care Package Racer

    The unlimited care package was a bitch but the care package speed wasn’t. Speeding around the map with a care package was the only answer to killing a camper. MW2 is now going to be overrun by retards who sit there and make the game absolutely no fun to play. Give us the speed care package back. And it should make you run faster because it is not a gun and is so much lighter. I’m pretty sure if I was holding a care package marker and I would run much faster than having to hold a gun at my hip and run.

    • YourMom

      No, the answer to killing a camper is to have some skill. If they’re camping, then you already know where they’re at. Huck a fucking grenade in there and man the fuck up. Quit being a little bitch and using cheats to win a game.

    • mark

      the thing about the care package marker was that the person was alot harder to shoot as they were constantly crouched while running extremely fast, if they fixed it so the person stood up straight i wouldn’t mind it coming back

  • Dorav

    Theres already a new care package glitch….

    • whats the new glitch?

    • bla

      what is it

  • YourMom

    The only people who used the glitches were people with no skill to play the game as it was meant to. I’m glad they’re finally fixed so that the people who suck at the game will either stop playing it, or will be easier kills now.

  • JamalJackson

    I have a very strong feeling there is a loop hole in the latest patch for infinite care packages.

  • Sonicdevron

    Yes, it is, and I hate it. The two glitches associated with the care packages were so much fun, and everyone had to bitch about it.

    And, as for the models, nobody even uses them anymore, so, whatever.

    • nishan

      your such a tit, what was fun about trying to play any of the game types whilst the other team had chopper gunners, ac130s, pavelows, harriers and UAVs pretty much non-stop? And the glitch still doesn’t fix the teriible connection issues this game has, like whenever I’m in a party with my friends we can never all get into the lobby together first, second or third time, its usually about 5 tries later we are all there, and then you wait for ages for a game and all of a sudden ‘connection to game lost’, or ‘could not migrate host’. Even the demo of Battlefield bad company 2 works better than this, and its a DEMO

    • nik

      You’re a faggot. The care package glitch was only fun for the douchebags that are so terrible at the game that they can’t get any kills without getting ac130’s, chopper gunner’s, harrier’s, pavelow’s or any other killstreak reward from a care package. Bullshit the models don’t get used anymore, everyone uses them and they needed to be fixed, as well as the speed thing with the care package. If you can’t kill a camper without exploiting a bug in the game then leave.

    • Cirus

      Only faggots glitch cuz there shite at the game shut ya mouth

  • ICEMAN706

    Yes I tested it now and it’s patched and the models are done I miss glitching


      I feel sorry for you and all the others like you. My opinion(and many others as well) is that you “glitch” because you just aren’t any good. it is Most of the so called glitches were straight up cheats and they ruined the game for the majority of us who wanted to play a real game. Man up and play for real! of course you prolly won’t play at all any more cause you can’t cheat