Gmail and Google Buzz: Interesting figures

Yesterday we posted an interesting article looking at how Google Buzz will compete with Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, a recent two-page article posted on ITProPortal looks at some of Google Buzz’s facts and figures.

Gmail and Google Buzz product manager Todd Jackson recently stated that ‘tens of millions of people have checked out Buzz’, this means that around 14 percent of all Gmail’s users have has a look at Google Buzz.

Other interesting facts regarding Buzz include that over 48 hours 9 million posts and comments have been generated, this averages out at around 160,000 updates an hour, which is pretty impressive given how relatively new Google Buzz is. You can see full details here.

I have been ‘Buzzing’ my posts on ProductReviews, so far I am only following one person and being followed by one person, therefore until I have had more of a chance to utilize it I will hold my judgment.

Check out the Google Buzz yourself and let us know what you think in out comments section below.



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