Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 bundles are exclusive, PS3 misses out

By Alan Ng - Feb 12, 2010

Some interesting news to report now, as Microsoft has stated that the Xbox 360 will be the only console to offer a Final Fantasy XIII bundle outside of Japan, meaning that PS3 owners will miss out.

As reported from VG247, Microsoft sent out a press release in which they detailed the forthcoming Final Fantasy XIII ‘Special Edition Bundle’, which will consist of limited edition console faceplates, 250GB hard drive, two wireless pads, a copy of the game and some exclusive downloadable avatars.

Sounds great for Xbox 360 owners, but a little strange as far as Sony’s EU and US customers are concerned. It certainly looks like the case where another ‘cash’ settlement has been agreed between Microsoft and Square.

What are your thoughts on this guys? Lets hear from both sides of the pond.

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  • fuok

    not worth getting a pos xbox for

  • dave

    It's a joke man enix would sell there own daughters greedy MF's F*k Bill gates Sony did it iun japan they obviously dont giv a sh*t about there eu/us customers.

  • Evan Steele Miller

    well, I was going to get FFXIII on PS3, but My 3rd 360 crapped out on me. This looks like a valid reason to get a new one, my first PS3 is still up and running like a champ, and it’s completely backwards compatible. Sorry Sony, but Microsoft just offered me something you can’t, But damn Microsoft at the same time, This will be my FOURTH XB360 console, bastards are raping me blind, but I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan since the original NES and this will be a great addition to my Final Fantasy shrine.

  • Rob

    I’d imagine PS3 and XBOX owners shouldn’t care about this. The one who don’t own one on the other hand…