Facebook: Inmates pages closed after victims feel their reach

When a criminal is put behind bars you would have thought that their victims would have heard the last from them, but that is not the case. It seems that they are still able to terrorize by gaining access to Facebook, the social media website.

The government in the UK has moved in and removed the profile of 30 inmates staying at Her Majesty’s pleasure. It seems that they were able to organize crime and taunt their victims, even though they were locked away and serving a punishment for their crime.

The Guardian reports that many users of the Internet have been worried about how the government watch what we do online, but this is one time when it proves that big brother watching is a good thing. Facebook is coming under intense pressure from other social media services, such as Twitter and the newly released Google Buzz; we wonder how long it will be before inmates sign up to one of those services?



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