Fable III (Xbox 360): Developer Video Features In-Game Footage

By Jamie Pert - Feb 12, 2010

Earlier today we posted an article which showed you the first-ever screenshots from the upcoming Fable III game, whilst checking out a developer video JoyStiq noticed that it featured some possible in-game footage.

This video is the first ‘developer diary’ of Fable III, this video has been embedded at the end of this post and features the new “extreme morph” system.

Other footage shows extremely ‘polished looking’ fighting, these fight-scenes reveal some interesting looking weaponry.

As more screenshots and videos leak we will keep you posted, for more details check out JoyStiq.

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  • MPS

    I do not think this game will live up to the hype in terms of its new fighting system. I have seen multiple videos and they all have similar "finishing" moves, no matter the hero, and then they have wings pop out for another finishing move. I feel it will be very uniform across all fights and heroes (meaning even if youre a fat lady you can still do the same finishing moves as a nimble ninja man, they should differentiate, if you eat pies and drink beet, make your combat suffer and slow, otherwise it is more of a side chuckle than an actual game changer) the move sets which is kind of dissapointing. Furthermore, I know it's early but can't they make the AI a bit smarter in fight sceneS? All they do is stand there waiting to be hit looking at you as you beat up on of their buddies, make it challenging, a game of this magnitude and promise shouldn't be a cake walk in terms of enemy combat.