Cash For Appliances: Stimulus Program has $300 Million for States

By Jamie Pert - Feb 12, 2010

As you may already know the government’s Cash for Appliances scheme has proven to be pretty popular, however once the $300 million allocation is up it may well come to an end.

Currently the government are offering a rebate of up to $250 when consumers purchase an energy-efficient appliance in place of an ‘old’ inefficient model.

Individual states are in control of how much consumers are rebated, therefore in some states the rebate can be far less than $250, the government have stated that when the $300 million budget has been used there will be no extension.

When the government ran the similar ‘Cash for Clunkers’ scheme last year the government extended the allocated budget, many Americans feel the same should happen with Cash for Appliances scheme.

Do you think the government should extend the Cash for Appliances scheme?

Source: ABC News

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