Alan Wake: PC version is dead, becomes Xbox 360 exclusive

By Alan Ng - Feb 12, 2010

Some very disappointing news for PC owners now, as Microsoft has confirmed that the planned PC version of Alan Wake, also out on the Xbox 360, has now been officially canned.

As reported from Eurogamer, the PC build of the game was already in development, but Microsoft has issued a rather lengthy statement to clarify the situation for everyone.

A portion of it reads: ”We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience Alan Wake was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive.”

So now the game becomes an Xbox 360 exclusive, and is expected on the 21st May. How do PC owners feel about this?

What a way to kick-start the ‘PC is dying debate’. Comments below please.

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  • GMan

    Lol no its 360 exclusive. Gears 2 was announced as 360 exclusive, and guess what, its still not on PC well over a year later :p

  • Willie Stroker

    Don’t worry though pc gamers. It will eventually come to PC. Look at gears of war, xbox exclusive but now on pc. If the game sells enough on xbox it will end up on pc. All Microsoft care about is money so they do these things to make you buy a 360 just for this game but then they bring it out on pc anyway.
    Just hang in there and Microsoft will have to bring it out on pc eventually.