Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps: Review

As most of you will be aware, Valentine’s Day 2010 is fastly approaching with many of you still deciding what to buy for your loved ones. We have a few reviews for you to read now, which shows the types of Valentine’s Day apps you can buy on your iPhone.

As reported from MacWorld, the apps are designed for novelty purposes, so we wouldnt recommend someone buying an V-day iPhone app as a gift, that wouldn’t go down too well we feel.

But as for the apps, examples on offer include LoveAffinity, IFallinLove and CupidR. The first two are priced at $0.99, but CupidR is a free download. All three apps offer a different approach and ideas for Valentine’s Day, but which one do you think is best?

Head over to MacWorld to read reviews for each, then let us know what you think.



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